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Mike Keneally
Wooden Smoke Lyrics
© 2001 Spen Music, BMI. All rights reserved.


Long ago
There was a tree
Lived right next to the bird and me
Me and the bird blew bubbles one day
They went to the tree and that's where
they liked to stay
Our back was turned and bad men came
I'm sorry but the tree was never the same
Have the bubbles found a higher ground?
Wishing sound, I heard a howlin'

Barbara asked everybody
If you were a tree what would you be
If I was a tree I guess I'd be
The one with the bubbles who lived
near the bird and me
Now Jimmy's built a house for me
It sits on top of this here tree
And the Pentagon is strengthening the
Air Force's jurisdiction over space
O, bubbles, bubbles everywhere!
Is there a bubble I can call my own?
A tree that I call home?
Buttons. Birds! Smoke.


Sail reclaim All ashore
Fairest man to hold the land Forevermore
Silent ground Wave goodbye
Cast your soul to the sky
Then they came moving lines
Wish and wait and celebrate and pour the wine

And shed a tear for the day
They last saw you away
Shine, proud traveler shine (hey, roller motion)
Roar o'er the rollicking Rhine
(inside traveling it feels so fine)
What in heaven ever compared
The marlin or the millionaire
Shine, proud traveler shine (Tooree L.A. ummm)
Time so remorseless, unkind
(oh no, garbage and crime all the time-ah)
Kissing kings sing oola oolay
Shivering and tenderly praising, pray

Stormy seas Cold and grave
Enggo Pah the lord and king, a wooden slave
Remind us all Remind us when
We can head for home again

Ride dark stallion ride! (Hey holy potion)
Find a faithful moment inside!
(campfire riverside starshine)
Alleviate the pain in your soul
Obliterate the pain in your soul
Cry, chameleon cry! (Tooree L.A. um)
Arms firmly drawn to your side!
(oh no, darkness and no more time-ah)
Calculate the time of the tide
Receive the song from gods of the dark blue night

Nanny-Ass Crow

Nanny-ass crow
You won't, uh, see Comet Crepe e-tonight
Middle, I t'row (beer not)
's id -- ill, I throw, with muscular baby
5 Legs

Sing tight! Move tight!
Apple oh-core to the movement of steam
Apple oh-core to the moment I DREAM
Sing tight! Move tight!
Pebbles unto rock unto a sole
and growing beachfront!
Apple oh-core to the apple oh-core to the
I wove!

Father's Day

Sir Holler!
Bump into a dream and remind yourself
of what the prophets have seen.
Man, a simple class of rodent flotsam has screamed
and I suppose the sun has rose on the last known
instance of hot-air dreams.

Sir Holler!
Wide open wide
As the lightning tumbles crazily across the sky
And another 200 miles roll by
And I suppose the story's closed on that fated
rose which prompt explodes in my soul.

Throw yourself to anyplace
and watch the humans race
You long for the days of your youth, obsessively.
Small, remembered objects, events and sensations
from your youth assume tremendous significance.

Sir Holler!
Sail under the bridge
Like you did when you and your brother were kids
Look back on yourself and see what you did

And forgive that pour soul
You knew not what you did
But soon you'll know
in the warmest depths of your soul.


Sink back deep into the velvet of knowing
Feel it, deal with it, it's okay and you're fine

Wooden Smoke

Long ago there was a tree
Also a squirrel, and this bee
They both decided they would see
If they could gain knowledge from the tree
So day and night the squirrel and bee
Worked hard at learning from the tree
With help from their Neil Young CDs
And five Coltrane biographies
They'd get tired and need to rest
That doesn't mean they'd failed their test
It meant that they could give their best
When that was what was needed
From what I see the squirrel and bee
Are totally happy, and they're free
I saw the squirrel give the bee a backrub
They were smiling

Everyone has things they do
They think they maybe shouldn't do
Don't let your big brain stifle you
They might be precisely what you're s'posed to do
You can't fix everything just you
Join forces with the ones who love you so

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