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[Written just prior to the WNHTH 2.0 Tour]

Greetings, citizens! Keneally speaking.

Take a look around. See anything new? "Wow," you might well say, "it looks like! On the Keneally Page? What precisely is up?"

Don't be frightened, friends, be delighted. Because it is my GENUINE pleasure to welcome aboard the Dolphinwagon the ultra-marvelous men and women of FULL SAIL REAL WORLD EDUCATION, which is in my experience the most outrageously forward-thinking, well-equipped and creatively-minded educational institution there is in regard to the art and science of creating music and sound recordings, film, computer graphics, games, et cetera ad inifitum. MK/BFD played at their sprawling Orlando, FL compound in June and we were stupidly knocked out by the quality dripping from every aspect of the school - the facilities, the gear, the's all first-rate, and everyone we've dealt with from there has been an absolute deity.

As is evidenced by the fact that they're now helping us to do what we need to do. Yep, Full Sail is an official sponsor of Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins - specifically, it's because of them that we'll be able to do the next tour! And there won't be any mistaking the fact, because there'll be a huge, gleaming Full Sail tour bus The Full Sail Tour Bus! out in front of every gig. So don't fear our sponsor, worship them, and please visit their website - they can tell you what they're all about better than I can. You might even drop Full Sail a line letting them know you appreciate the fact that they're assisting us - they'll be glad to hear from you.

See you soon!

Mike Keneally

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