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Mike Keneally's Guest Host Hall Of Fame

David Brady

The Knitting Factory
New York, NY
July 22, 1998

I remember as if it were yesterday. The email arrived that I had been chosen out of the potential millions of die hard fans, to play host to MK/BFD at the Knitting Factory!

My campaign was earnest, though some of my efforts fizzled in a vain attempt at brainwashing as many people as I possibly could to the virtues and values of this extraordinary guitarist. As it turned out, some of my efforts were snubbed, while others were well received.

I had arrived at the show on my own, and immediately scouted the venue for someone; Mr. Chatfield. After locating him, and brief introductions were exchanged, I then understood my duties. I hadn't thought I would be on stage with the band to make the introduction, so I didn't have anything rehearsed. Oh well, I thought, I won't waste anyone's time...

After the stage was set, it seemed as if the crowd had grown, and the air of anticipation grew thick. Mike cued me to get on stage and do my part. It sort of sucked, thinking about it now, but what the hell, these people have waited long enough.

The show was "fan-tabulous" to quote a friend, and fellow dolphinian, Matt Cardin. Not having ever heard Sluggo!, I was equally blown away at the wide variety of tunes. The last time I had seen Mike was with the G3 tour, and I must admit I had a bit of a Keneally blackout for sometime afterwards.

The best part however was afterwards. Trying my best to be a gracious host, I offered up a ride back to their crash spot, and was pleasantly surprised to be honored in giving a lift to Mike, Marc & Jason a lift uptown in my beat up Chevy. We also squeezed my good friends Matt Cardin and Pat Hanley in for a nice sardine like effect. We all had a good laugh on the way uptown, and I was able to drop the boys off in one piece.

Mike, Marc & Jason - thanks for the laughs.
BFD - thanks for the opportunity for being a part of it all!

Dave Brady

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Mike Keneally's Guest Host Hall Of Fame

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