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Mike Keneally's Guest Host Hall Of Fame

Dave & Betsy Foster

Hello boys and girls! Here's your first husband-and-wife perspective of the wonders of Mike Keneally and Beer For Dolphins! I'll first of all say that they were a big factor of making 1998 the best year we've ever had together. We burned up nearly all of our vacation time to see them. We don't regret it one friggin' bit! Instead of rehashing the reviews I wrote, I thought I'd share some snapshot moments which were priceless for me.

8/8: Seeing my first gig with BFD as the headliner! Assisting a few others in buying Bryan a few too many drinks. My first encounter with Cami (a gem). Scott telling me to get my stuff and start taping. Mike signing my wife's cast after the show! The vibes! The DOLPHIN VIBES!

10/16: Being IN Chicago instead of driving through it, and enjoying it IMMENSELY. Meeting all of the cool people I previously knew only through the online experience. Bryan pointing me out hours before the show, and having the whole band come over and chat. And many thanks to Bryan for helping me set up my stuff. The fact that Full Sail was making all of this possible. Discovering Spelunkers. Seeing Mike and my wife hug and laugh at the end of the show. The hilarious conversations with Marc and Jason after the gig. The VIBES!

11/2: Second show in Madison, which lasted over three hours! The magic! MK quote: "Can we just take them on the bus with us for every show?" (meaning the entire audience, of course. Playing the anniversary song for us! Too many other moments of magic to comprehend! And yep, them DOLPHIN VIBES!

11/3: Driving 800 miles, dead tired and happy. The intimacy of the SWR gig. The disgust I have for Lincoln. What Scott wrote on my poster: "Get more money NOW and follow us. Hang a left." (I was broke. DAMMIT). The long good-byes.

There, enough rambling. So, four gigs and a clinic later, I amassed 6 CDs for friends, a couple bumper stickers for us, and twelve (yes twelve) T-shirts. I wish to thank

Mike Keneally
Bryan Beller
Marc Ziegenhagen
Jason Harrison Smith
Scott Chatfield
Cami Slotkin
Full Sail
Thomas Nordegg

And to all I've met, whether in person or only online. We did all we could to ensure them all success! I'm also so happy that none of the fans and Guest Hosts did things to screw the band over or get them in jail. The Dolphin family is strong! :) Now we just need to multiply the fan base by about 10,000 so that it can go on forever.

Take care, all!!! Now it's Betsy's turn to speak!

--Dave Foster

"How does this sound?"

I can't tell you how many times I heard that question in the last year. Over and over and over, Dave would play a passage from a BFD show and ask me for my input...bar by bar. I'd hear Keneally and Bryan--Pink Pants and Marc. Every day I'd come home from work and Dave would say, "I hope you're not bored, but how does this sound? And, I'd faithfully listen and say (in technical terms), "Can you get rid of the whoosh sound?" "I like the dah..DAH!!! dah in that part." "Jeez...that was cool. Make that bigger."

I listened to BFD at home almost exclusively. And believe me, in our house, music is not an occasional indulgence. So what happened to my BFD tolerance after hundreds of hours of note-for-note listening?...

I can't wait for the next show!

By the way, (and this is true), my total BFD immersion program has not only made me hanker for BFD, it has also caused me to enjoy alternate musical entertainment. I don't know why, but I'm now hooked on country, alternative Christian rock, and ska. Why? Because I don't care if it's in the top 100 or in the "category" that I like. If I like it and the music hits me, it's mine. And I'll continue to be thrilled when asked, "How does this sound?"

Thanks to Mike, Bryan, Jason, Marc, Cami, Scott and Thomas. I've enjoyed meeting all of you in Madison and Milwaukee. Also, thanks to my fellow Kenealliacs. You've all proved that music is not a recreation sport.

--Betsy Foster

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