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Mike Keneally's Guest Host Hall Of Fame

Greg Henry

Rhythm Alley Cafe
Rutland, VT
July 25, 1998

Burlington, VT
July 26, 1998

I first saw Mike Keneally on February 2, 1988, on the opening night of the ill-fated Broadway The Hard Way tour. My friends and I couldn't wait to see who the new stunt guitarist would be. Since we knew what qualifications were needed to play even a kazoo in Frank's band, anyone hired to be the stunt guitarist for a tour had instant credibility with us. Mike didn't let anyone down.

I followed Mike's career via the internet and was able to see Beer For Dolphins in April of 1996 in Burlington, Vermont. Mike was quite a different character then from the new guy on Frank's stage. He had grown, had longer hair and had a presence all his own. He was a really nice guy too. He was very approachable and even let me follow him into a radio station so I could video-tape an interview.

I jumped on the chance to be a guest host for the 1998 summer tour. It was a great chance to get involved with something I really enjoyed. Once again, the Mike Keneally who came to Vermont was a different character. He looked much more conservative; like a guy trying to run a business, a dad. His sound was incredible. His music had evolved beyond my expectations. They were loud, they were tight and they were good. One thing still had not changed; Mike Keneally was still a super nice guy and very approachable. I hope he never loses that quality.

--Greg Henry

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Mike Keneally's Guest Host Hall Of Fame

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