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Mike Keneally's Guest Host Hall Of Fame

John Willcoxon

Club Tavern
Madison, WI
November 2, 1998

Wow, imagine my excitement to get an e-mail from Scott about a Keneally page dedicated to the Guest Hosts. I've been a Zappa fan for a LONG time and have always followed the goings on of current and former members. It was only natural for me to see what this Keneally guy was up to. 11 years later and I'm writing about guest hosting one of his shows, too freakin' cool!

All music stores and guitar shops were more than supportive of letting me leave a few flyers and post some things for the upcoming show, the only problem I had was getting semi-busted at a local college's parking lot for peppering cars w/flyers. I left my job in Milwaukee and cruised to Madison and arrived at the hotel's "day rooms". On the way in I ran into Billy Bob (aka Dan Phelps) from Full Sail. He looked a little glum & I found out he was heading home. He gave me the room #'s, and hopped onto the hotel's shuttles. In the rooms, I found most of the entourage minus Jason & Thomas. The humble CEO was busy with website updates and the cancellation of a gig out west. There was some conversation regarding this and its possible causes. This won't be repeated here for obvious reasons. There was a relaxed extended family feel to these guys (& Cami). There was no nervousness. They were ALL as easily approachable and friendly as they were at the August show in Madison and the Chicago show in October. An hour and many conversations later, we left and headed for the gig. The soundcheck was amazing in itself, and the show even better.

I've detailed the show over Tal's site (http://www.cidanka.nl/keneally/), and there's a setlist there as well. The show was typically unbelievable. 3+ hours of sheer excellence. Thank God the crowd was loud & very vocal! My only complaint was there could have been more people there to experience this. Post show, more talk & a few pics later, I said goodbye to my new friends and made my way home, satisfied that with music like this, MK/BFD should conquer the world, and beyond. There exists some killer audio/video of this show.

I'd like to thank everybody who came to this gig and encourage anyone reading this to attend an MK/BFD show when they come to a city/town near you. I guarantee you'll be impressed and entertained immensely! I am truly grateful for being given the opportunity to help out on this tour and would do it again in a nanosecond. Thanks guys!


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Mike Keneally's Guest Host Hall Of Fame

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