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Mike Keneally's Guest Host Hall Of Fame

Mike Wofford

Chicago, IL
October 16, 1998

I was very pleased to be selected as the Chi-town guest host, also a bit intimidated as I would be dealing with an area of the city that I was not familiar with (and which was an hour away from my home). Anyhoo...made and posted fliers, contacted everyone I know, and made my existence known to the folks on Random Fandom--many of whom responded (and to whom I'm very grateful). Still, I had a horrible feeling that only 6 or 7 people (including the bartender) would show up. Adding to my anxiety was the last-minute changing of every plan that I'd made for parking and accommodations for the MK/BFD entourage. Everything appeared to work out nicely in the end (many thanks to Leighsa Gonzalez for her help/advice with this!).

The Full Sail bus appeared around 9:30 A.M., and after arrangements were made and people were met, most in the entourage went to their room at the Days Inn for rest or hygiene. Around noon, MK, my roomie Gina (Xena) and I went searching for (and found) some excellent food, then the band prepared to leave for the venue.(Semi-interesting story: 'Twixt the hotel and the venue Gina and I were snagged by Candid Camera, where I displayed my lack of wisdom on national TV some months later...)

Went to the venue (Martyr's), witnessed the soundcheck (where reality hit me with the fact that I'd soon be seeing songs from Sluggo! performed LIVE!), went to get something to eat, and proceeded to drink many beers while amazing openers--Spelunkers--played. I was still a bit worried about the size of the crowd, but by the time MK/BFD took the stage the place was packed with interested listeners. I announced the band, then jumped back down onto the floor, anxiety-free, and proceeded to enjoy the best live show I'd ever seen. Everyone on the floor was pulled in by the music, and many complete strangers came up to me during the show to tell me how much they were enjoying the show, how completely amazed they were by the music, and to ask how to acquire the MK/BFD merchandise. As far as I was concerned, the night was a success (and reviews of that show are out there, so I'll refrain). Everyone in the entourage treated me wonderfully, and I felt extremely privileged to be a part of the MK/BFD experience. I would gladly guest host again! Thanks to MK/BFD, Scott, and crew, and thanks to all who attended!

--Mike Wofford

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Mike Keneally's Guest Host Hall Of Fame

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