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2008 Mike Keneally Photos

Mike and Dave Gregory at play in the UK

SWINDON, UK, October 23, 2008: Riff's Bar was the scene of a delightful, informal Mike Keneally show featuring his friend Dave Gregory (formerly of XTC). Here are some video excerpts of them playing "Idiot Bastard Son," "2001," and "Cold Hands," from Mike's upcoming Scambot album. During his UK sojourn, Mike also got together with XTC's Andy Partridge for a few friendly songwriting sessions. (Video by Laura Phypers)

Care for more? Here's "Rosemary Girl." And "Paranoid Android." And now, "Inca Roads," complete with audience participation (video by Kate Barrett)!

Mike, Bryan and Rick celebrate
Scott and Claudia's wedding

IDYLLWILD, CA, October 4, 2008: Most of the Mike Keneally Band headed for the hills of Idyllwild to celebrate the wedding of Mike's friend and Exowax cohort Scott Chatfield to the lovely Claudia Russell, Program Director of San Diego's Jazz 88 FM. Mike and Rick played a sweet acoustic set just before the vows commenced, and instead of traditional wedding music, Mike lit into a rousing version of "Linus and Lucy" on electric piano after the newly married couple was announced. Hanging after the nuptials are (l. to r.) Mike, Scott, Claudia, Bryan Beller (who got married on October 19!) and Rick Musallam. Claudia and Scott first met on August 16, 2003 during the live Mike Keneally Band video shoot for the Dog DVD at Victors on the Bay. (Photo by Tom Westerlin)

The Scambot project progresses...

LEUCADIA, CA, February 19, 2008: The creation of Mike's upcoming album, Scambot, continues with several days of recording at Chatfield Manor. Mindbending new Keneally music is being made at an amazing rate, thanks also to the stellar audio engineering talents of one Mr. Michael W. Harris (left).

Keneally, Minnemann and Lunn Exposed

SAN DIEGO, CA, February 5, 2008: Mike, Marco and Doug played before a large, appreciative new crowd when they performed at the Robin Trower concert at 4th & B. The 45-minute set resulted in many amazed audience expressions, and hopefully as many new fans. (Photos by Brian Ross)

Mike in Japan Photos!

TOKYO, JAPAN, February 1 and 2, 2008: Mike made a brief trip to Japan for a series of shows and appearances, thanks to longtime Japanese friend and promoter Hiroshi Ota. Above, he performs and signs CDs at the Shinjyuku Disc-Union, and below, he plays with a talented array of local musicians at the Harajyuku Astro-Hall. (Photos by Miyuki Tsutsui)

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