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Tales From Them Tours

MK/BFD license plate.
This was Ron Spiegelhalter's license plate, if you must know.

The Quartet Tour-- November, 2001

It was the rude and fuzzy foursome that rocked the Northeast.

The EuroTour-- October, 2001

Seven MK and BFD-ers made their European debut, kicking off with a live "Nonkertompf" augmented by four amazing Dutch musicians. Plus, Bryan got a chocolate "B" that Tricia ate.

The 'Dancing '01' Tour-- May-June, 2001

Forheads, Exowax staff and BFD pulled together to make this expensive-but-amazing US tour a reality. It's still hard to believe it happened. Did it?

The 'We're Not Here To Help 2.0' Tour-- October-November, 1998

Here are even more pix, pathos and passion that spewed from the debugged Version 2.0 of 1998's grandest gamble.

The 'We're Not Here To Help' Tour-- July-August, 1998

Here are all the pix, pathos and passion that spewed from Phase One of 1998's grandest gamble.

Mr. Mike's Tales From The Tour, Too, Too!-- January-February, 1997

Yet more of Mike's adventures on the Steve Vai Far East and South America tours.

Mr. Mike's Tales From The Tour, Too!-- January-February, 1997

Mike's a veteran of the Steve Vai Far East and South America tours! He kept a frighteningly delicious journal with pictures.

Half Alive in America Tour-- November-December, 1996

Pictures. Poop. Everything you crave from BFD's most ambitious adventure ap to that point.

Tales From The Tour-- April-May, 1996

Nearly live, from The Road, it's Mike's running account of BFD's musical misadventures!

'2 Motels:' The Road Diary-- July, 1995

Get the up close and personal poop on Mike and Beer For Dolphins' 1995 mini-tour.

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