Date: 04/22/03
From: Jaan Wessman

Bass players!! 


Clarifying a little bit, I didn't take the time to tab out every single note Lunn plays on the original "hat." recording. The chordal information used in combination with the lyrics also does *not* represent the overall harmonic analysis but instead the root notes of any given chord. However, Lunn's bass work on the studio version isn't all that busy (except for the obvious parts) and I wholeheartedly trust folks' ears in telling whether a chord is, by the very least, major- or minor-based. Whether you consider this transcription complete or not, I personally feel there's enough musical workout presented here for sharing... Without further ado, tune up your instrument and have a go at this ferocius sucker of a song!



|----------------------(5)----------| Notes in paranthesis:
|-----5--2----------------(5)-------| Harmonics

|----4--0--------2------------0-----| The quintuplet lick


">" indicates a slide.





Repeat INTRO



D G# - G
False world, fucked world

E C D - C# - C- Bb
Eyes of an enemy

B G# E
Ran down to uglytown and nabbed myself some nothing


D G# - G
I treasure it (way), it's all I got

I'll share it with the fucking world

Let's dance in the sunlight


Next up is the first bar of the intro, into "Blind life, unkind life /
Darkened like brushfire hills" which is identical to "False world..." etc.

The flames of frustration and pain

C# D
Where did everyone go?


That D chord on the word "go" is the beginning of a section in five, alternating between the chords D and F# minor. And then there's those two licks (the 1.47 seconds of music they contain took me friggin' hours to transcribe, shitfuckity fuck fuck fuck!). The first one's in 3, the latter in 9. They're not really *that* hard once you get the fingerings down but, be adviced, hammer-ons and pull-offs are pretty much the only way to execute this shit. Well, for me, anyway - except for the two occasions of the same note repeating twice in "fast lick #2", I played almost everything else using hammer-ons and pull-offs on each string. Experiment and see where that leads you. Here's the licks:








Fifteen years ago I looked at the stars

And the bastards spoke to me:

F F#
"You are as useful as a urinal in a convent"

And I thought: "Is it that bad?"



F# > G > C >


...and one more bump on B.


The rest of the song consists of stuff tabbed above - I'm sure y'all piece it together way faster than I'd be able to type it.

Have fun!


Date: 04/25/03
From: Bryan Beller


You really are a freak. Not only is this 99.9% accurate, you actually have
it tabbed over 95% of the way I copped Doug's part in the first place. The only thing I do differently (and it's my own embellishment) is the bit right after "nabbed myself some nothing":


The 5-6-7 is a triplet, and it matches up with Toss' drum part.
And this, I believe (and I may be wrong as well), is what Doug did right before REPEAT INTRO:


But like I said, you're a freak. You nailed the two fast licks (which I still can't play, and you probably can, and if you can, I hate you.) I can't wait to see you tab one of my tunes. :-)


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