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Date: 20/09/04


This transcription of "Backwards Deb" is an arrangement which draws from both the band performance on "Dancing" as well as Mike Keneally's solo performance on "Dancing With Myself." It is not intended to fully represent either performance. Also, not all guitar rhythms are written out. For example, measure 9 shows a chord being held for six beats. In reality, there should be some sort of rhythmic activity during measures like this. It is left up to the performer to play those rhythms as they feel best.

The notes of the riff in measures 33 & 34 (and elsewhere in the piece) should not be played with equal strength. Accenting the right notes will bring out the descending melody line within the chords. Refer to the recording if you are unsure. 

In measures 73 - 74, and 117-118, the 2nd string (B) should be muted with the index finger to allow these notes to be played with the plectrum without sounding an unwanted note.

Measures 112-116 can be repeated to represent the arrangement on "Dancing" if you wish.

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