Ankle Bracelet

Transcribed by Doug Boucher, 10/21/2000

OK, either no one has done this yet or my news server is still not showing me half of what goes on here, but right here is the results of what will likely be the only time I ever figure out a complete Keneally tune in 10 minutes.

Just the chords. No attempt at showing the rhythms because 1.) I'm too lazy, and 2.) If you can't figger 'em out yerself, you suck worse than I do. And that would really suck.

First section:


Ron Spiegelhalter adds:
I think the last one is, top to bottom, 7790. At least that's what Mike appeared to be doing at the Potato as I stared intently from eight feet away. Pretty sure about this one.

Next: (starting off with a chord best played at dusk in front of ants, lest
you trespass against them)



Next: (he doesn't always play that bottom E string, but I put it in there anyway)


Then, Stephen Stills gets down with his bad self with something that is kinda like this:


Repeat stuff.

The ending throws me a bit. Not entirely sure of the second chord, but I think it sounds cool and it'll piss off people who don't like weird fingerings, so what the hell:


Seems to me that this is one of the most straight-forward pieces of guitar stuff Mr. Mike has done. Which weirded me out at first. Then I turned it up louder. It was good. You should turn it up too, you know you want to.




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