Cardboard Dog - intro

transcribed by Marc Ziegenhagen, 1/23/2000

5 G# A E |
/ E F# E F# | (repeat 3X)
8 D__________________|______________

5 G# A E |
/ F F# F F# | (repeat 3X)
8 D__________________|_________________

That's the first part, and then....

6 C#___ F G
/ E F# G A____A___ C D Bb C Bb
4 D A D_______B___E Bb F Bb_____Db

6 Eb___ Eb F
/ G G# A C____G___ A Db G Db G Bb
4 F C F_______E___B Eb Bb Eb_____ Bb

EeeeeGADS that took forever! Well, there it is. If you can read that and happen to be near a piano, that's the Cardboard Dog intro. Amaze your friends! Be the life of the party!



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