from: Michael Pierry
date: Sunday, 11 August 2002 20:17 EST

Yesterday I was listening to "Dancing" and I remembered that the low-E
is tuned down to B, so I did that to my guitar and most of the song came
out pretty easily. You got your B7 part with the #4 in there. Then you
got the C#-C bit with the open G and B notes. Then the "E follow D"
part which I'm pretty sure I nailed. The bass goes from F# down to F
while the melody goes A C# B a few times followed by C B G and then the
FAB chord at the end.

Then there is the "So strong nothing wrong" part, which is from a
parallel universe.

Now, I think I get the basic chord changes there. Seems like the guitar
is going C D F Eb B, C G F B. I just am not sure about the actual notes
Mike plays. Is it all regular triads or is he playing more tricksy
arpeggios? It's very difficult for me to discern just what's going on.
Also it sounds like Beller's line goes D C D# B D D# B or something like that.

Anybody wanna come to my rescue?


from: Mike Puterbaugh
date: Sunday, 11 August 2002 21:21 EST

Beller explains the bass line in the "Talking About Dancing" edition of
"Life of Bryan":

"Picking out the bass notes for the chorus was a perverse joy. They
are: (high) D, C, (down to) D#, B, (up to) D, (down to) F, low B."



from: Jaan Wessman
date: Wednesday, 14 August 2002 14:40 EST

Yo Pierry,

I did a little transcribing with "Dancing" (the tune), here's the chorus
and how I hear it. Mind you, I was using a pristine quality bootleg from
one of the shows in Germany, didn't have the time to check out whether the
following applies as far as the studio recording goes... I *think* it does
the job!



x 3

...leading into this C#b5 chord:


The notes in paranthesis indicate ghost notes which are partially muted,
especially in the second bar where they're more or less percussive plucks,
keeping up the flow and enabling you to move up on the neck. Unless, of
course, you decide to play the higher set of thirds on your E and B

Open for corrections,


from: Jaan Wessman
date: Wednesday, 14 August 2002 14:47 EST

Oh, and don't y'all forget to tune that low E string down to B!



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