I Can't Stop

Date: 03/06/02
From: Jaan Wessman

I've never tabbed a damn thing in Usenet so forgive me if all the
following turns out like shit (even if it doesn't *visually* turn out like
turd it could very well turn out like a major dung when you try it out on
your guitar...).

So, anyway, I remember watching Mike play this song on an acoustic just
a few feet away from me and I was really, REALLY trying to pay attention to
what was happening. Haven't got the video for that one available for
viewing but here's what *I* hear on the record and what I remember visually
seeing MK do... If only my memory would serve me right FOR 1CE!!! Here we



repeat x3 and then...:

|----------- 12---------||

*The note in paranthesis indicates the root.





Repeat as necessary. The slash on the G-string indicates a bend. Yeah, I
know, this is a bitch to play if you're not used to big stretches with your
fretboard fingers... Anyway, that's how I recall Mike doing the verse. If
the bend seems too awkward you can easily just mute the note. It'll be ok,
I promise. Actually, I think some versions of "I Can't Stop" definitely
DON'T utilize that bend... Mike?



Let notes ring as long as possible. Repeat verse.

I borrowed my copy of "hat" to a friend and I can't hear those six
chords which lead to the chorus well enough (I'm using "Half Alive" for my
transcription purposes). When I get my copy back I'm going to try and
transcribe that too. Chorus = Intro (some rhythmic variation but the basic
idea is the same).



">" indicates a slide, "p" indicates a pull-off. The last four notes of
this lick could also be played like this...:


...where "h" indicates a hammer-on but I prefer the first version with
the pull-offs myself. When you play it that way you're fretting hand is
already positioned more comfortably for the wide stretches in the verse
that'll follow (if you're not going into the solo).

Damn, now I want to get my "hat" back to work on that one part! In the
meantime, please feel free to suggest corrections and alternatives and,
above all, have fun! :-) Mike, if you happen to read this, it'd sure be
supadupamegafunkycool if you could comment on this transcription.



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