Date: 01/05/01
From: Michael Pierry
Date: 01/05/01, 01/11/01
From: Marc Ziegenhagen
Date: 01/05/01
From: Mike Puterbaugh

Like many of you, I often get Kedgeree stuck in my head and, since I'm a musician, my own personal hubris often drives me to try and play the songs that get stuck in my head. So that's what I've been doing for the last hour or so with Kedgeree. But I could use some assistance in figuring out some of the little fiddly bits, you see.

I do think I have a pretty good grasp of the intro section, which starts off with the guitar playing variations on an F chord in what I presume to be 5th position, since you can clearly hear the open high-E ringing out at various points, and then the melody which the flute and bass and probably other instruments plays goes like Bb-D-F-G-C-Bb, Bb-D-F-G-C-Bb-G, then do that again, then Bb-D-Eb-F-G-Bb-Ab, and then Bb-D-Eb-F-G-Bb-A although I'm not sure about the last note, I just know
it's a D major chord, and then you start over and when you get to the end again it goes right to the verse.

Okay, the way I see it, the verse chords are basically just D and A/C#, but there's some kind of G# action going on in the bass there, so is it possible Beller is playing a C#-G# diad for the A chord? It sounds a little wacky. Then there's the G-C-D-C etc. part, which goes into that faux-metal C-A bit. Then there's the weird klangfarbenmelodie bit where there's a chord on the piano which is answered by a little wiggly tremolo in the guitar/flute/bass and stuff, and back and forth like
that. I'm not sure what's going on there.

I think I've got the ostinato for the guitar solo mostly down: the first section goes Eb-Bb-D-A-Bb-Bb(up an octave) in 5/4 doubled on keys and vibes apparently, and Beller plays a chord progression under that, and then the next part is Ab-Eb-G-Gb-F-Ab in 5/4 on guitar and bass while the keys/vibes ostinato of the previous section--or some variation thereof--continues in the background, and then the last part is some chord based on A. Then the ending is a whole mess which is hard to figure out because a million different instruments are blaring out
chords and stuff at full volume. I really need help there!

I know, I'm babbling--I need help. Someone come to my rescue, just tell me something, gimme a chord, something, anything, before they have to lock me away...

Pierry, Mike:

The whole deal (from the keyboards and piano point of view point of view)
is really just pretty much this:

D major triad over the bass line which goes: D, G, F#, B, A, D, C#, switching to an A dominant 7th chord, voiced: C#, G, A when the bass plays the C#.

That's the "A" section.

The "B" section" is your "G-C-D-C" thing which is pretty much exactly that but with a Csus2 executed when the bass goes to "D."

Then the next section (Section "C", really) is really just a G major seventh chord voiced like this: G, D, F# - followed by a minor third interval thusly-like: the notes A and C played together.

Any further confusion that might arrise during the previously described sections could only occur (the way I see it) during the "A" section wherein the D-major triad used to be voiced as a Sus4 prior to the recording in May of '00-like.

Yep. So. Yah.

Beyond that, everything else has stayed pretty much the same compared to the recording, and it's all there rightly-like as described above-yah (at least from the piano/keyboard perspective, remember!).

....oh.....except that I didn't cover the middle/solo section....which ought to be audible enough for anyone to hear who might want to figure it out-like. Right?? Let me know if not. :>

K, kewl then.


Marc Ziegenhagen wrote:
>....oh.....except that I didn't cover the middle/solo
>section....which ought to be audible enough for anyone to hear who
>might want to figure it out-like. Right?? Let me know if not. :>

Oooh! Can I try, Mr. Z?

(fixed width font recommended for lucky best viewing fun)

It's in 5/4 and Rick plays an ascending quarter-note arpeggio that


over and over, while Marc and Tricia have a counter-arpeggio that goes:

      Bb       Bb


....I'm pretty sure that Rick, Tricia and I are all playing the same line
during the 'A' section. It actually starts on the 'and' of beat 1 and

Eb3, Bb2, D3, A2, Bb2, Bb3 (the numbers herein used to denote octave register).

The last three notes (A, Bb, Bb) are eight notes, the last of which is
held over the bar as the figure repeats, and all the notes are sustained.
Yah, that's how it goes, whee!

meanwhile, Bryan's bass line for which he gets co-writing credit on the
track goes like this, with each pitch below representing a bar of 5/4:

C C C C ||: Eb Eb C C Eb Eb G C F F F F :|| (repeat as desired)

I'm sure you're correct and/but don't wanna double check because I'd
really rather not know; that'd somewhat spoil the fun for me.

And then the Marcandtriciarpeggio continues, but Rick and Bryan play
this instead:


Except Rick plays it over and over but Bryan only plays every other
time, except always the Ab.

That's totally 'n complete correct except that I also play the above
figure with my left hand while continuing the figure from the 'A' section
with my right while Trisha doubles that with a harmonized transposition of
the first section figure, up a perfect fifth. Yay and pheew!

And then there's a big thing and then the
A section recapitulates like a motherfucker!!!!!

The "big thing" is actually one of favorite parts to play because it is
two parts in two different meters over-lapping with eachother. Rick and
my left hand (and God only knows who else) play eight notes in 3/4 which

D2, A2, D3, E3, D3, A2

...while Trishia and my right hand play sixteenth notes in 9/4 which,
phrase-wise, are grouped in three's and go:

A3, A2, A2, G#3, A2, A2, F#3, A2, A2,

E3, A2, A2 F#3, A2, A2, G#3, A2, A2,

WARNING: Do *not* try any of this on a melodica or else you will turn the
color of a Smurf and pass out 'n prolly DIE!


Yeah, I think I have the solo section. How about the ending? I mean the very end, with the quick little jazzy staccato stabs, it sounds like the end of a Frank Zappa concert, to me anyway... That's where I'm really stuck.

Heh, well...the first quick little jazzy staccato stabs are just the sharp
11 and 5th of 'F,' respectively and/or whatever, and then we play the

B, C, E

...followed by an three tight little Ab7 (#11, no third) chords voiced:

Gb, Ab, D (which I just noticed is as retrograde inversion of the A7
chord played during the first verse but I sincerely hope no one cares,
heh)...and then the big quarter note triplet ending which is voiced in
major 6th's and is:

D4, D#4, C4,
F3, F#3, Eb3,

...finalized by the last chord which is (of course) E lydian and is voiced:


There! Be careful! N-joy!




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