Mexican Radio

Date: 05/30/01
From: Chris 'COZ' Costello

Verse: G-F-Dm-F (sub C for F last time before chorus)
Chorus: Dm-A(minor?)-C

For the most part, anyway. The main lick is just hitting an open G-string and playing G-G-G-G-F-G-A-G-D-D-D-D-F-F-E-F (all quarter notes) on the D-string below it. Which leaves the oddball chord at the end of the first chorus, but what do you want from my life, I'm a drummer.

I'm determined to do this tune as a solo acoustic thing, since the cover band I play percussion with won't touch it. In fact, the lack of cooperation from said cover band (which is different from URT, in case you were wondering) is going to make me actually sing in front of an audience with an acoustic guitar, doing all the tunes they won't. Maybe Ankle Bracelet, if I don't murder the vocals too badly.




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