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The entire group gathers for the first time over a tasty lasagna repast at Casa Beller, July 19, 1998. Exhausted but hopeful tourees are (l. to r.) Cami Slotkin, merchandise; J, videographer; Brian Halio, driver; Jason Smith, drums; Scott Chatfield, tour manager; Bryan Beller, bass; Thomas Nordegg, road manager; Marc Ziegenhagen, keyboards; Mike Keneally, Coke cans.

The first BFD gig o' the tour! Fiddling about onstage are (l. to r.) Marc on keyboards, Mikey, drummer Jason and guest vocalist Mark DeCerbo. Out of digital camera range are bassboy Bryan Beller and guest guitarist/vocalist Bob Tedde.

Merchandise maven Cami Slotkin minds the massive MK store while those boys fiddle about onstage. The Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ. Biggest seller? Why, Tar Tapes 2, of course.

Mike, Bryan and Marc play with Bob Tedde, Mark DeCerbo and friends as The Steely Damned at Le Bar Bat on West 57th in New York City Thursday, July 23.

A somewhat abstract digital shot of MK ripping the heads off patrons at The Khyber in Philadelphia Friday night, July 24.

A somewhat abstract digital shot of a headless MK ripping the heads off patrons at The Khyber in Philadelphia Friday night, July 24.

A performers'-eye view of the crowd at The Khyber, just prior to having their heads ripped off by our famous foursome.

If you haven't seen MK perform for a while, you'll be impressed by his newly found expressiveness and dedication to ripping your head off.

Happy Marc and Sleepy Bryan add their licks to the highly delicate Audience Head Ripping Off Procedure.

New BFD drummer Jason Smith must be experienced to be believed. After the Khyber gig, he and Mike embraced in amazement after the two performed with unexpected near-psychic synchronization several times during the set. Add Bryan, who's been clicking with Mike for years, and the amazing Marc, and you've got something more electric than life.

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