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Mike Keneally
With Stanley Snail / Kevin Gilbert

Stanley Snail
Yes tribute album (Magna Carta)
released 1995

MK involvement:
Guitar and vocals on "Siberian Khatru" as member of Stanley Snail, consisting of Kevin Gilbert, Bryan Beller, Nick D'Virgilio and MK.

Public opinion seems to be running about neck and neck on this tune. For everyone who considers it a highlight of the CD there's someone who can't see the point of us doing such a note for note version. It wasn't really discussed that much...there was no rehearsal at all, we all knew the song so we just convened at Kev's studio and recorded it. We did have to learn the Bruford quote in the middle and decide to stick "Heart Of The Sunrise" at the end. Those two items, along with my guitar solo, are the main signifying characteristics that keep it from being a carbon copy of the original. A defense could be made on those grounds - to my ears it's something of an art statement when we hit that weird chord at the end of the second "river running right on over my HEAD" and veer off into "Sahara Of Snow" land (that was Kev's idea by the way) after several minutes of stultifyingly accurate tribute. Others have enjoyed the accuracy of the new version on sonic grounds - it's like hearing a beautifully remixed and mastered of the original. I'll take my primary comfort in having met Chris Squire several weeks ago, at which time he told me it was his favorite song on the tribute album. For me, that will do. (The name "Stanley Snail" is derived from our corruption of one of the lines in the song. One semi-concentrated listen will turn it up.)

Other contributors to the album include Steve Morse, Patrick Moraz, Steve Howe and Annie Haslam, Adam Wakeman, Peter Banks and a rash of Magna Carta prog metal bands (I especially like Shadow Gallery's "Release Release," but I wish these kids would engineer a little breathing room into their mixes).

Available from Magna Carta records 208 E. 51st St. Suite 1820 New York, NY 10022

Kevin Gilbert
Genesis tribute album (Magna Carta)
released in 1995

MK involvement:
Guitar, kalimba, bell piano and recorder on Kevin Gilbert track "Back in N.Y.C."

Since Nick D'Virgilio is on drums, all that keeps this from being Stanley Snail is no Beller on bass (Kevin plays bass on the tune - he also sings lead which marks it as a Gilbert solo venture). Those who were dragged by the Yes-mania of "Khatru" should be pleased with this interpretation, again largely the work of Gilbert arrangementally. Kevin sings the hell out of this, and I think the sound of the track is unbelievable. The "off we go" section is supposed to sound like a grade school band practicing. Overall I think this album is a better listen than the Yes album - other participants include David Hentschel, Pete Bardens, Crack The Sky (a really weird version of "I Know What I Like") and John Goodsall doing "Carpet Crawlers" (Toss just happens to drum on that track) as well as all the Magna Carta regulars. I'm also honored that the track I'm on is positioned between Annie Haslam and Richard Sinclair, both legends and both sounding absolutely superb.

Available from Magna Carta records 208 E. 51st St. Suite 1820 New York, NY 10022

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