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The Music

Mike's Discography

Here it be: a compendium of every record Mike's ever played on, plus artwork and his personal notes.


The source for all things relating to Mike's opus, "Sluggo!"

Mike's Fab Gear

By request, these are a few of his favorite things to play on, with and through.

Drawer Of Grin

Keneally songs from days gone bye-bye, replete with downloadable theme song.


Mike's own blow-by-blow account of the making of BFD's classic CD, plus quotes from the critics. Also includes unedited versions of two tracks and more!

Mike's Sights n' Sounds

A treasure trove o' downloadable delights-- songs, videos, unreleased tracks and gibberish.

The Mistakes

Everything there is to know about that Keneally, Henry Kaiser, Prairie Prince & Andy West project.

Dance Fever

Forheads and normal folks alike sound off on MK/BFD's acclaimed latest album.


What are you thinking, feeling and saying about Mike's strange and wonderful solo record?

The MK/BFD Taping Policy

Mike puts his foot down so that nobody gets stepped on.

The 'Faithful Axe' Challenge

Which Yes guitar licks does Mike quote in his "affectionate tribute"? Joe D'Andrea knows.

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