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Mike Keneally At A Glance

Short on time? Here's Mikey in a nutshell.

All About Mike

Mr. Keneally's official, self-penned, biography. (They made him do it.)

Mike's Zappa Tour Diaries

Mike's dreams of playing in FZ's band were fulfilled on the legendary '88 tour. Wanna smoke the tapes?

Mike's Fab Gear

By request, these are a few of his favorite things to play on, with and through.

Drawer Of Grin

Keneally songs from days gone bye-bye, replete with downloadable theme song.

Mike's Anagrams

A full page documenting the senseless slaughter of the innocent letters that comprise Mike's name.

Mike Types To YOU!

Mike lays down the latest lowdown on his zany struggling rock star life. Updated quasi-frequently?

The MK Taping Policy

Mike puts his foot down so that nobody gets stepped on.

Mike's Likes!

Mike's love list of things that just...well...tickle him.

A Talk With Adrian Belew

A revealing conversation between two generations of Frank Zappa's legendary "stunt guitarists."

It's A Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike World!

Earthlings weigh in on The Keneally Problem.


Direct routes to other beyond-worthy MK websites.

BryanBeller DotCom

Bassboy Beller's smart and astonishingly detailed website is truly something to behold-- a worthy and welcome companion to this 'un.

Tales From Them Tours

A collected chronological compendium of all MK/BFD tour coverage, including '98 Member Missives and photos!

Really, Keneally?

Your lively e-mailed queries and thoughtful responses from What's-His-Name.

The Poodle Bites!

Mike has tackled Ben Watson's Frank Zappa tome so you don't have to.

Mike's Expression Session

Steve Vai and others "let it all hang out" in a "rap session" with Mike!

Greetings From Space Ghost

Mike's favorite interstellar talk show host does the intro honors in a 69k sun-au sound file.

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