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The MK/BFD logo!

MK/BFD Promo Ammo Site!

    Small MK/BFD picture

  • Big ol' 325k JPEG of Mike and the band. Clockwise, from top: Bryan Beller (bass and vocals), Marc Ziegenhagen (keyboards and vocals), Jason Harrison Smith (drums and vocals), Mike Keneally (guitar, keyboards and lead vocals).

    Small MK/BFD picture

  • Bigger ol' 2.1MB JPEG of Dreamy Mike, taken by sticking his head in Scott's scanner.

    MK/BFD poster

  • The 11"' x 17" red and black MK/BFD poster, complete with a white space at the bottom to fill in the particulars of the gig. It's a 98k Adobe Acrobat pdf file. Note that the red has been changed to magenta so that it will separate nicely into black and red CMYK plates. If you reproduce it on a color printer, please change the magenta to red first.

    Small MK/BFD picture

  • Matt Resnicoff's delightful Time Out New York piece on Mike and the boys. It's a 130k 8 1/2" x 11" Adobe Acrobat pdf file.

  • Press release announcing MK/BFD in your town! Rich Text Format document.

  • The infamous Mike Keneally Biographical Timeline. Rich Text Format document.

    B MK/BFD logo

  • The Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins logo from "Sluggo!". It's a black-and-white Adobe Illustrator 4.0 eps file.

    Charlie's Angels BFD logo

  • The "Charlie's Angels"-esque Beer For Dolphins logo. It's a black-and-white Adobe Illustrator 4.0 eps file.

    Sluggo! cover

  • The beloved atticus wolrab "Sluggo!" cover. It's a color Adobe Illustrator 4.0 eps file.

    Check back soon for more stuff!

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