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Dancing Tour '01 Promo Ammo

MK/BFD Promo Photo #1 (614k JPG)

Caption: Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins: (l. to r.) Bryan Beller (bass, vocals), Chris Opperman (trumpet, keyboards), Mike Keneally (guitar, keyboards, lead vocals). Tricia Williams (marimba, percussion), Jason Harrison Smith (drums, vocals), Marc Ziegenhagen (keyboards, vocals), Evan Francis (saxophone, flute), Rick Musallam (guitar, vocals). Photo by Martin Mann.

MK/BFD Promo Photo #2 (268k JPG)

Caption: Mike Keneally. Photo by Martin Mann.

"Dancing" CD Cover (113k JPG)

Caption: "Dancing" by Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins (Exowax Recordings EX-2404). Design by atticus wolrab.

"Dancing" Info Sheet (92k Adobe Acrobat File)

"Dancing" Print Ad (5.6 MB Adobe Acrobat PDF File)

Mike's "Dancing" Letter To The Media (32k Word File)

Mike Keneally Timeline (Biography) (28k Adobe Acrobat PDF File)

"Dancing" Reviews (40k Adobe Acrobat PDF File)

Nonkerstock Newspaper Article (2 MB Adobe Acrobat PDF File)

Instant Tour Promotional Flyer!

Quartet Tour 5" x 8" One-Color Flyer Art

(Each piece is a 172k Adobe Acrobat file, ready for you to add specific show details, arranged two-up for immediate printing on 8 1/2" x 11" sheets on any printer.)

Dancing Tour '01 Stage Plot

(A 40k Microsoft Word file diagramming the onstage placement of the musicians and their instruments, along with mic and technical requirements.)

Mike's "Dancing Tour '01" Letter To The Media (44k Word File)

It's Tiny Dancing!
(a teeny, two-minute taster of the album's 20 songs)
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