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Mike Keneally Wine And Pickles
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Wine And Pickles CD Cover (635k JPG)
A high-res jpeg of the cover of the Wine And Pickles CD.

Wine And Pickles

Exowax EX 2409 (Released in 2008.)

studio recordings 1998-2006

being a collection of unreleased things, rarities and allsorts from the last several years or so

Mike describes Wine And Pickles as "the album I didn’t know I was making over the last ten years." Lovingly assembled from a wide array of archived sources, W&P serves as a surprisingly cohesive alternative history of Keneally music. Notable among the 21 gems are the legendary original version of "Backwards Deb;" "4S," a piece written for Holland's acclaimed Metropole Orchestra; "Inhale," a gorgeously melodic collaboration with Lyle Workman; and "The Endings Of Things," a stark, confessional performance from 2000's Dancing sessions. The CD contains an eight-page booklet with Mike's original artwork, pithy personal notes about each song, and lyrics.

Wine And Pickles' songs:

* 2CTV (from Court TV sessions, 1999)
* Feelin' Strangely (from Dog sessions, 2003)
* Li'l (Signature Sound version) (from Dog sessions, 2003)
* Backwards Deb (3rd person) (from Dancing sessions, 2000)
* Bubble Creek (from Dog sessions, 2003)
* Never Ever Wrong (from Dog sessions, 2003)
* Unused Hum (from Nonkertompf sessions, 1998)
* I Heard About What You Said (from Court TV sessions, 1999)
* Inhale (with Lyle Workman) (from Tabula Rasa, 2000)
* 4S (demo for orchestral piece, 2005 - 2006)
* Skull Bubbles (uncut) (from Dancing sessions, 2000)
* Stop For Flashing Red Light, Part One (solo recording, 2004)
* Lonely Man (studio) (from Dancing sessions, 2000)
* Selfish Otter (uncut) (from Dancing sessions, 2000)
* A Concise Piano Statement (from Wooden Smoke sessions, 2001)
* AeroDef (limited edition single release, 2002)
* Kevorkian 3 (from Court TV sessions, 1999)
* Thou Shalt Not Kill (from 156 Strings, 2002)
* Paloma (alternate version) (from Wooden Smoke sessions, 2001)
* Kevorkian 17 (from Court TV sessions, 1999)
* The Endings Of Things (from Dancing sessions, 2000)

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Free "Inhale" song download here!

"Inhale" free downloadable single cover
A medium-res jpeg of the cover of the free digital "Inhale" downloadable single. There is no high-res version.

Mike posing with his Wine And Pickles painting (455k JPG)
A high-res jpeg of Mike posing with his original Wine And Pickles cover painting.

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