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Mike Keneally sees the things below, cluttering his arty but teeny new apartment, and says: "No room for these things! Don't use 'em anymore, don't need 'em anymore!"

Maybe YOU need 'em! SURELY you can use 'em!

Each of these "historic" items comes with a MK-designed "certificate of realness" which Mike signs in ink. If you need more information on any of these things, email MK at boilthat@aol.com and he will respond promptly and succinctly. 15% of the money generated by the sale of these items will be donated to the Make A Noise Foundation (http://www.makeanoise.com). The Make A Noise Foundation, a nonprofit charitable 501(c)3 organization, was founded by Grammy Award-winning musician Steve Vai and Richard Pike for the purpose of providing musical instruments, music education, and musical culture to young musicians who cannot afford to do these things for themselves, and to support music programs in public schools.

Each pair of items will be on auction at eBay for one week. Have fun!

Future items - more details to follow on these:
Hamer Duo-Tone Guitar
Featuring both electric and acoustic outputs, this is heard prominently on "Making Love To Jewel" from the "Nonkertompf" special edition CD, as well as "In The Bone World" from "Boil That Dust Speck."
Jacket worn at "Zappa's Universe" shows
As seen on TV!
Oberheim Matrix 6-R as heard on "Boil That Dust Speck"
This rackmountable synthesizer has been used by MK on a number of projects, but most prominently on 1994's "Boil That Dust Speck" CD. Comes in its original box.
Massive collection of "National Lampoon" magazines and special editions
Including the very first issue and virtually all succeeding issues, and many of the special editions, from the first golden decade of "Lampoon." Collected by Mike when he was a wee "Lampoon"-loving teen.

And more!

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