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MiKe TypEs To YOU!

Monday Sep. 11 1995 1:12 PM

Hello again. I've been taking a break, as you know. Some health-related stuff came into play, general busy-ness, a few other factors but more than anything I just needed a break from staring at the screen for awhile. I feel pretty refreshed and can start easing back into action. Time is tight though...I've got to be in LA in two and a half hours for a Z rehearsal...so I just wanted to welcome myself back to the fray and let you know that there'll be more new stuff very soon. In fact I just finished (finally) typing up Day 3 of the Tour Diary.

The show in Reno three nights ago, although sparsely attended, had a lot of magic in it. The show in San Diego last night was just peculiar, although the more distance I get from it the funnier it seems. The venue was a big rowdy sports-type place, not accustomed to our style of entertainment, and certain members of the staff had no problem with making this fact known. Who needs that shit. But there was enough of a Keneally contingent present to keep it from being an utter disaster, and in the second set we reeled off a bunch of sixties covers we'd never played before in order to throw a bone to that portion of the audience who expects that sort of thing. Hey, I like those songs as much as the next guy. But my bass player wasn't thrilled by the turn of events (born in the seventies you see). I had a good time about half of the time we were there, but ultimately the bottom line is that most of the people in the audience were entertained and we got paid at the end of the night. Still, Reno would be hard to top. We seriously hit a vibe. My brother was there and said it was the best show he'd ever seen - and Marty is in no way a bullshitter. My Mom saw the show also, which made me very happy (in fact eighty percent of the audience was friends and family, to whom I am extremely grateful, as I am to my nephew Bob for helping greatly to procure the booking).

My resolve has been strengthened by the poor attendance in Reno. We did a show that absolutely destroyed and there were very few people to witness it. I don't mind laboring in semi-obscurity, but total obscurity will simply not do. Change must occur. I don't know yet what form it will take but the Keneally profile must be raised, and soon. This hunger is cool...makes me feel young again.

More soon.