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MiKe TypEs To YOU!

Sunday 3:59:16 AM September 30 1995
(much revised and amended five and one half hours later after a kip on the couch)

I believe in miracles. Where you from, you sexy thing?

I, as well as the lovely Vivian, are in town to show Jesse off to the in-laws and I opt to stop into Scott's for a little typing. Winding down after seven hours at Disneyland (Jesse's second time...BIG Pirates of the Caribbean fan). MK health update: much better (thanks to those who expressed concern). Jesse: walking like nobody's business and rapid vocabulary expansion. Z: deep into rehearsals, w/gigs on the way, (for instance):

Viper Room, Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA
Wednesday, October 4

(which just happens to be the day before Viv's and my 10th anniversary. Z will also play at the Alligator Lounge in West Hollywood on October 19, and back to the Viper on November 1.)

Beer For Dolphins gigs which am upcomin':

Bourbon Square
Victory & Sepulveda in Van Nuys, CA
Saturday, October 21

Wikiup Cafe
Park & El Cajon Blvd., San Diego
November 2

(The Wikiup may also feature some very special guests on the bill, but it's not yet a lock and I don't want to jinx anything so I'll keep details secret for now. There's also the possibility of a BFD theatre date in Hollywood on November 10, but lots of details are yet to be hammered.)

OK, Friday night BFD did our third Bourbon Square gig and it was an unqualified success. The audience was wonderful, the band was hyped, the club demanded our return. It was the kind of situation I hope to see more of in coming weeks. Keep it up people. Sorry again to those of you who are geographically barred from attending these shows. Although increasingly the audience is liberally salted with people who don't blink at driving very many miles in order to check us out (I'm not trying to guilt you babe, just observatin'). Many sincere thanks to such people for their persistence and faith.

The Yes tribute album is on the shelves, I should have brought a copy down with me so Scott could scan it and add it to the discography but I'm a dwid, so next time my beauties. There's quite a bit of nice stuff on the Yes tribute, including a couple of Steve Morse solo acoustic performance, the unearthly presence of Steve Howe and Peter Banks, and more. In the face of some of the album's creative reinterpretations, objections could justifiably be aired regarding our "note-perfect" rendition (and some have). I'll delve further into this raging controversy when the album gets added to the discog. The Genesis tribute should follow shortly. As should The Mistakes, the delay of which I'll personally apologize for even though I have nothing to do with it. As frustrated as some of you might be while waiting for this thing to be unearthed, multiply by many and get me. I think it's worth the wait though, hope you'll agree.

Stuff is being prepared for another MK solo "joint" (as my dear friend Spike Lee would say) which is definitely no longer laboring under the always tentative "Milk Blood Tuna" moniker. I've got at least forty prospective album titles which I'm keeping under the hat. Some of the songs will almost certainly be "Love Theme From Vulture Fun" and "Why Am I Your Guy" (both remakes from the "Fashion Poisoning" Tar Tape), "Draconian Blump", "The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame", "Bob Dylan's Nose", "Frozen Beef Bonus Boy" and "TRANQUILLADO".

I've been listening to so much King Crimson lately it's absurd. The other three artists that provide the soundtrack to my recent days are Randy Newman, The Beach Boys and Elvis Costello, but mainly I'm in Crimson rediscovery mode. It's got me tickled enough to ponder starting a new section of the MK page wherein I wax analytical and glib regarding the work of artists whose work has affected me. Does this thrill you? Discuss.

Have you seen the "cappucino" episode of Beavis & Butthead? Omigod. Also, although I've been resisting the Karla Taite phenomenon despite encouragement from some of me dearest compadres, dammit when something is as brilliant as "Explosions" from her second album it would be more than massively dumb for me to resist. The acoustic guitar in the second verse provides compelling proof of a benevolent higher power in the universe.

If you've emailed me in the last two months and have yet to receive a reply, I am sorry. I'm trying to nail as much of it as I can, and in fact am going to do more of that right now. If you receive or have received a reply from me but find it to be of a perfunctory nature which belies the extensive and thought-provoking magnificence of your original missive, I am sorry again. And especially if you've written me snail mail and are currently languishing at the bottom of the five- month old pile of letters begging to be dealt with, sorry from the bottom of my corpuscles. I'm scratching my way back to the surface and hope I can do right by all of you after the disconcerting oddness of my last few months. I need some water right now, then I'm Eudora-bound. 'Nite all.