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MiKe TypEs To YOU!

February 4 1996 2:53:45 AM

This has been a week. I'll tell you more (not too much more) about it a little later, but simply put, Bryan and I left Z this week. I'm in a contemplative mood and have resumed work on the "All About Mike" page, starting with the first day of my audition with the entire FZ band. Having just ended my association with that organization, it's an emotional thing to be writing about the very beginning of said association. It's kind of messing me up a little. So that's why this is an absurdly short little message, I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on that, and also that Bryan and I really are out of Z (in case you thought it was just a rumor) and that we're working our asses off to get Beer For Dolphins to wherever someone wants to hear us. In other words, touring, of which we will be doing quite a bit this year. Details, of course, will be yours to peruse as they firm up.

Already there's some updates - March 13 is now the date of the New World Audio clinic, which will take place at 7:00.

The following evening, on March 14, will be the Belly-up gig.

The San Francisco venue on March 19 has been confirmed as Slim's.
There's a good likelihood that we will do a clinic in SF as well, on March 18, the night before the Slim's gig. The name of that music store is Music Works of El Cerrito (so I guess it's not really SF).

On March 20 we're opening for Gong at Luna Park in Hollywood.

April 26 - Berkeley Square in Berkeley, CA.

April 28 - Arcata, CA (venue TBA).

May 2 - Vancouver, Music West Festival (venue TBA).

There will be lots more, including East Coast dates, within the next several months.

On Groundhog Day we played at Bourbon Square, our first post-Z gig. Toss was admittedly not in utterly prime form (he apologized to the audience during the show) but I thought it was a smoking gig. I was feeling very powerful. Alain and Natasha from the band Eleven were in attendance, they're a great band and we discussed doing a double bill somewhere soon. Eyes of you should be kept open for that. Also we'll hopefully be playing on the bill with Raging Honkies at the next Bourbon Square gig. If you don't know of them, you simply must.

Gotta sleep, gotta sleep, I'm taking Mom to the airport in a few hours. I want to thank all of you who have sent words of encouragement to me and Bryan this week. We are feeling strong and can't wait to show the world what's up.