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MiKe TypEs To YOU!

3:49 PM  June 21 2001  my living room

Tonight I git on the G3 bus.  The Vai band spent the last three days rehearsing in LA and the band is a monster. Billy Sheehan and Virgil Donati are a pretty ridiculous rhythm unit and the set is really well-paced and fun and super-energetic.  It's a BIG sound.  For me it's going to be a blast to get out in front of so many people again, and also the next best thing to an actual vacation after the non-stop demands of the BFD tour we just did.  On this tour I get to hang out on the bus with cool people, go in my bunk and listen to music, and work on the arrangements for the live "Nonkertompf" performance in Holland in October.  

Thanks to all of you who supported us on the BFD tour last month.  It was really hard work but it was incredibly rewarding.  The band had to deal with adverse travel conditions, less than luxurious accomodations, and some stage set-ups which would have been a struggle for a quartet to fit onto, much less a seven-piece band with full keyboard and percussion and drum rigs.  And still the band sounded beautiful and the audiences were happy.  I'm not being insulting to the band when I say that I figure we reached about 40-50% of our performance potential on the tour - merely suggesting that we have quite the bright future ahead of us.  

But first, I'm taking a fun detour into G3-land.  I think I deserve it!

Love you all!

Mike Keneally