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MiKe TypEs To YOU!

April 10 1995 9:13 PM

Today I'm in San Diego ostensibly to produce a day of Henry Kaiser overdubs for the Mistakes album. In reality it turned into a few hours of Kaiser overdubs before equipment malfunctionage drove us howling from the studio, and I took Henry back to the airport for an early flight back to Oakland (I picked him up at the airport at 8:15 this morning. We stocked up for the day at the health food store on Lake Murray, went to the studio, accomplished approximately three things and returned to the airport by 2:30 PM. A whirlwind event was it).

So from San Diego airport I drove to various pay phones trying to get a hold of my bon ami Scott, who by day is an extremely important person at an extremely important local radio station, and by day (every other day) is the curator/designer of this the glittering Moose page. He was not answering his phone three times, busy lad, so I showed up at the station only to find that he was in fact not on the premises (a minor detail not revealed to me when I kept getting forwarded by the lovely receptionist to Scott's machine, but I do not take this personally). As I drove away de-ject-ed-ly, here comes Scott a-barrelin' toward me---happy ending! So we haves this meeting, Scott, Blair (a very important radio personality) and myself, about a very absurd thing which I maybe won't tell you about, except to say that if you are in San Diego on June 2 and attend the Padre game at Jack Murphy Stadium and hang around for the big Sky Show fireworks display afterward, you may see (and hear) something (or someone) that will suprise you (somewhat).

Backing up a few days to the Club Lingerie show which occurred on the 6th...beautiful. Beautiful. We had a very very beautiful time. And it was videotaped and tomorrow I will see the tape and determine whether it is something I will allow you to buy. Here is what we played:

The cool thing was when we were doing sound check, Rick the sound guy asked me how long we intended to play, and made a face like I was forcing citrus down his gullet when I said "an hour". Then when we actually played, it was Rick himself who kept telling us, over the P.A., "just one more". It was such a bloody fun show. It's too bad you weren't there, if you weren't. Several lovely people attended, including former Rundgren/Bourgeois Tagg guitarist Lyle Workman (currently playing with Frank Black, and mastermind behind a stunning instrumental album called "Purple Passages" which has just been licensed by none other than Immune Records), and Bowie collaborator Reeves Gabrels, a marvelous guitarist whom Jesse and myself had breakfast with yesterday at the glamorous Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd. Reeves suggested that if his band and my band went on the road as a package, it would make for an extremely pleasant tour, possibly even attractive for club owners and consumers alike. Nice thought, eh? Anyway, speaking (again) of Club Lingerie (Scott, please make the following letters quite large):


Yes, they liked us that much. You should understand as well that the club will be closing for good a mere five days after this performance. We got history in the making, friends, so if there's any logical way you can make it, it would be spectacular if you did. And my sincere thanks to those of you who witnessed the last one. Glad you made it.

Public thanks to Mr. Chatfield for the glorious job he's done in attractively arranging the vast amount of information I thrust upon him for the annotated/pictorial discography, which is only a few albums from total construction. After I finish with this message, I'm going to write a few paragraphs about my solo albums (including the now-unavailable but will-be-available-again-on-CD-soon "Tar Tapes") and Scott will plug those into the discography as well. Other new things will be some new additions to "Mike's Likes" and a re-designed Keneally title page, which will give some more information about your options when you choose to visit us.

As always, for information about Keneally stuff you can own, please call Immune Records at 619-448-3062, fax them at 619-448-1039, write them at 9269 Mission Gorge Rd.#211 San Diego, CA 92071. "Rosemary Girl" CD singles are still available, as are "Dust Speck" and "hat" T-shirts and CDs. Advance orders for "The Mistakes", equipment malfunction notwithstanding, are being accepted as well (the album will be done next month, I swear). Work on "What The Hell Was I Thinking?" (the DZ instrumental album) has been resumed and will continue for the next few weeks, so maybe we'll finish that this year. No tour announcements for Z yet, but you'll know when I know. I don't know any release dates for any other Zappa stuff right now, except that "Phaze III" is now available in stores for you.

OK, I'm done now. Thanks for hanging out.

Love, Mike