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MiKe TypEs To YOU!

Mother's Day 1995 Three-ish

Happy MD! Didja all buy presents?

What up, what up...mixed half of the Mistakes album yesterday. It sounds pretty huge. I want to do a fast mix; since the album was rehearsed and recorded so quickly, I need to sustain the spontaneous vibe. (Can you sustain spontaneity?) Prairie has done some artwork that rules and is working on an oil painting of the band for the cover. Right now I'm listening to a cassette of the mixes and I'm happy.

I finished my overdubs on "What The Hell Was I Thinking" a couple of weeks ago. (That's the Dweezil instrumental album which we've been dealing with for nearly three years now.) There's still a bunch of DZ overdubs and special guests to be added, so we're not out of the woods yet.

Saw Page/Plant last night. Robert Plant was in astonishingly good voice. My favorite part of the show was watching the percussionists from Cairo dancing and pointing at the audience in time honored "do you feel all right" fashion whenever they weren't playing. But with all of Jimmy Page's pull you'd think he could coerce somebody to make his guitar sound half-decent through the PA...it sounded like used razor blades. Most of the time it was impossible to tell if he was playing well; it mostly looked as though he was doing OK.

There have been lots of requests for a gear page. I guess you all don't find equipment as stultifyingly dull as I do. Well, you know me, I always put you first; you shall be serviced. It'll take a while you understand. I beg your patience.

Oh, I guess we haven't spoken since the last Club Lingerie show on April 26. I really liked it a lot. Toss got pissed at his drums and Bryan didn't feel too happy about things either, but all the tension gave the show a darkness which I found real appealing (isn't it great how I relish the pain of my bandmates?). Unlike the Musician's Institute show, where the lack of comfort resulted in just a pretty boring show, this time we turned in a really scrappy little performance. Toss and Bryan don't believe me, they still think it sucked, but I watched the video a couple of nights ago and it's got a vibe big time. Parts of it will be on the Keneally home video which will hopefully get stuck together this year.

Brain damage is occurring to me. So far I've had about forty typing errors during this little message. I think I'm spotting and correcting them all but if I let any slip by you'll know that I'm just losing my mind at the moment.

By the way, I'm not a creep for sitting here typing on Mother's Day, my Mom just spent two weeks with me and Viv and Jesse and I had a lovely morning/early afternoon with V and J today. Now they're out shopping and I'm doing this (the mark of a successful relationship--- divergent areas of interest are explored separately). Now I have to try on one of Scott's suits and go to a wedding...congratulations, Gayle and David!

Soon we'll posting stuff about "Music For Pets" on the discography, adding some reviews to the "Dust Speck" page, starting a section about feedback from around the planet called "It's A Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike World" (and people accuse this page of being just a bunch of self-promotional egocentric poot) and sticking a few more things in "Mike's Likes". Within the next couple of weeks we'll get started on the gear page. Thanks for checking in, for supporting me, and well...just everything.

Oh, I just wrote a song for the next album called "Famous Pepper Nose". It's about a drawing/collage of Bob Dylan I saw in Rolling Stone Magazine where his nose looks kind of like a pepper. I won't put that information in the liner notes so that only you kind Page- browsers are privy to it.

RealAudio coming soon to Mac. Oh.....my........God.


Zoogz Keneally