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MiKe TypEs To YOU!

May 28 1995 1:06:47 AM

I'm HAPPY. Today I (along with Joe Statt) edited "The Mistakes". I LIKE IT. It is an album to be played loudly through speakers with candles on them. It is so not like a Keneally solo album. I can't wait for it to be out. Happy happy happy. Some of the songs actually fade (a new, exciting thing!) and I enjoyed exploring the emotional effects caused by the length of a fade juxtaposed with the length of the silence juxtaposed with the first notes of the oncoming piece...I feel like I just expanded my editing arsenal twenty-fold. The next MK album will surely explore both areas...both the glued-together approach of "hat" and "BTDS" and the resonant emotional world of the fade. Happy guy me.

Like also, do I, the package I got from Ryko yesterday consisting of the reissues of the FZ discs on which I appear. I feel like somebody just handed me a bunch of memories I'd forgotten I had. The new versions sound SO much clearer, I can hear myself doing things I had no idea I'd done...I swear it feels like time travel. So super cool.

I've been entering in a bunch of old unused MK lyrics, soon to be visible here on the page, and I'm updating the "All About Mike" section to be more than just a squinchy self-serving press release. I swear that the gear page will be a reality, but it will be time consuming and again I beg your patience bigly.

If you have reason to be in North Hollywood and you eat meat, you must visit Ernie's Taco House at Lankershim and Moorpark and order the La Tampiquena on weekdays after 4:00 PM. Cheap and EXTREMELY functional. Thanks to Three Mile Pilot on the Geffen home page for making me realize how important it is to discuss Mexican food on the Web.

I'll be back in the studio with Dweezil next week, re-recording some overdubs for the instrumental album which were mysteriously lost to the world. I guess I'll just have to do them better this time. Everything happens for a reason.