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Updated the 2017 page.
As you may have noticed the redesigned keneally.com went live a couple of months ago. I haven’t gotten around to this part of the website. Not sure when, but a redesign of the Chronology is in the stars.
– Antal

– Antal

All sorts of excuses. I will not bore you with them. Updating will resume soon.
– Antal

Updating continues.

A slightly redesigned Tour Chronology is online now. Visually few changes, “under the hood” quite some.
– Antal

Final touches integrating the Tour Chronology and live section with the new Keneally website. Going from HTML to PHP and CMS. More to come, for sure.
– Antal

A word from the Chronologist


I’m Antal, your Chronologist.

In its 19th year, the Mike Keneally Tour Chronology continues its quest to document all Keneally shows. Well, somebody has to do it, right?

This is the Mike Keneally Tour Chronology. We started this website around the time of the 1998 “We’re Not Here to Help”-tour, as a home for showdates, setlists, show reviews, tape info and photos. Over the years we added and dropped all sorts of stuff, and now our main focus is on the showdates, setlists, comments by bandmembers and tape info.

If you have info that you think should be added, want to make corrections, or have any suggestions, please send your e-mail to chronology@keneally.com. It may take a couple of days for me to respond, but I will.

For more general Mike Keneally info, check out the official website keneally.com, or Mike’s facebook. Bryan Beller’s website also has tons of info.

We here at the Chronology Headquarters are proud to have the Exowax Supportâ„¢. With your support we hope to be able to keep this website as informative and authorative as possible. So please, keep sending in your info. And spread the word.

Be well.


MK & AA at the Paradox Tilburg, March 27 2013 photo by Paul Berkholst
MK & AA at the Paradox Tilburg, March 27 2013 – photo by Paul Berkholst