Mike Keneally - Photo by Marc Mennigmann
Mike Keneally – Photo by Marc Mennigmann

I’m very grateful for my musical instruments and equipment. But I don’t fetishize gear the way some players do; I have a very utilitarian relationship with the stuff. In the recording studio, I get a sound in my head, try different things until I achieve it, and then pretty instantly forget what I’ve just done. When people ask me what I did to get a specific sound on a specific song, I usually can’t remember. For live work, I keep things as streamlined and simple as possible – once a live rig gets too complex, it stops being fun for me to use.

When people ask me to do gear-oriented interviews (or Antal asks me to provide gear info for this website), my brain glazes over. It’s like asking me to fill out insurance applications or something like that. I just can’t stand it.

Someday this gear page may provide what a page like this is expected to: photos and descriptions of my gear.

Until then, I provide the links below. I’m very grateful to have relationships with a lot of great manufacturers who take care of my needs, and I have become friends with many of the people who work at these places. These fine companies make it more possible for me to do the things I do – many thanks to all of them:

KSR Amps

Pigtronix effects

Supro Guitars

Strandberg Guitars

Rivera Amps

Fender Guitars

Charvel Guitars

Jackson Guitars

Taylor Guitars

EMG Pickups

Dean Markley Strings

Dunlop Picks

KORG Keyboards

DigiTech effects

Source Audio effects

Mike Keneally