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The Mike Keneally Tour Chronology provides detailed information about gigs, shows, tours, performances, appearances, and more by Mike Keneally, Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins, and the Mike Keneally Band.

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Standard information consists of the following: date, venue, lineup, setlist, notes (mostly by MK and/or band members), and known audio/video (all if and when available).

What you will not find here is detailed information about the gigs MK did as part of Z, Frank Zappa, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani’s bands, or other sideman work (of course, with exceptions). The same goes for gigs by individual members of the various BFD and Mike Keneally Band line-ups. The Mike Keneally Tour Chronology focuses on Mike Keneally and/or Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins/the Mike Keneally Band as the main performers.



After a busy year on the road, the start of 2024 sees Mike Keneally preparing for new live shows, new tours and new music. This includes touring with ProgJect in Summer and Fall.


It’s 2023! The 25th Anniversary of the Mike Keneally Tour Chronology. New live shows! New tours! New music!


MK tours with ProgJect and The ZAPPA Band this Spring and Summer. There is a one off Mike Keneally Report show at the 2022 Zappanale in Germany. And more.


As the world learns how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, live shows are possible again. Including the postponed King Crimson/Zappa Band Music Is Our Friend 2021 Tour.


In 2020 Mike Keneally plays with Back To The Garden and briefly tours with Devin Townsend. Everything (including a US King Crimson/Zappa Band tour) comes to a screeching halt on March 11.


The year 2019 sees Mike Keneally perform with Beer For Dolphins, Joe Satriani, The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa, Back To The Garden, Devin Townsend and various other artists.


What Happens Next? Touring the world with Joe Satriani and the G3 and playing a few gigs with Beer For Dolphins.


On February 12 bassist and longtime Keneally friend Doug Lunn sadly passes away after a long bout with pancreatic cancer. Mike’s words.

The final leg of the Satriani Surfing To Shockwave tour brings the band to Asia. MK & BFD tour the Northeast (plus Texas!). The Mike Keneally Report, formerly known as Mike Keneally & Friends, tour Germany (and Switzerland) in July. A one-off return to the stage by the Satriani band happens in Brazil. The four-piece MK & BFD play several West Coast dates. And more to come.


Another year, another Satriani tour. In Spring the band tours the US, followed by a Summer European tour, and finishing the year in South America. A surprise return by Mike Keneally And Friends, with Jaan Wessman and Schroeder, hits the German stages in June. And MK & BFD tour the US East Coast.


Having spent most of 2014 touring with Joe, Bryan & Marco, the first weeks of 2015 see MK in the studio, recording with Joe Satriani. Work on Scambot Vol.2 continues. We see the return of Beer For Dolphins. Another G4 Experience camp in the Summer. And a new Satriani world tour starts in the Fall.


2014 looks to be a quiet MKB year. Rick Musallam is off to work with the Cirque du Soleil, Bryan Beller is touring with The Aristrocrats, not sure what Joe Travers is up to, while Mr.K is in the studio working on Scambot Vol.2 (and several other projects). Some gigs in the early part of the year. The Satriani tour continues throughout 2014.


MKB (MK, BB, RM and JT) tour Europe in late March and early April. First time the MKB tours Europe.

In May MK joins Joe Satriani for a 3 month European tour, bringing along Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann. So basically KMB, fronted by Satriani. Followed by the Joe Satriani USA tour (August-October) and a not yet confirmed tour for a familiar bandname. Between the Satriani tours grab your chance to see Bryan’s band The Aristocrats in action.


Various special gigs, including a three day residence at the Iridium in New York.

A G3 tour of New Zealand/Australia as part of both the Vai and Satriani bands.

The long awaited Mike Keneally/Andy Partridge collaboration album Wing Beat Fantastic is released!

Rick Musallam joins Mike Keneally for a duo tour promoting Wing Beat Fantastic.

More G3 touring with Satriani, this time in South America. Followed by the postponed Dëthkløk tour of North America.


The Satriani World Tour continues with dates in January, to be followed with more dates in various regions worldwide later in the year.

In February KMB tours Europe briefly.

Both MK and BB release live CD/DVD sets taped during the May 2010 MKB/BBB tour.

Recordings for several projects (Scambot 2, the Andy Partridge project, a Jamie Kime album) are underway. Fans get the chance to watch MK work through the magic of live webcasts (

Also MK recorded keys on four tunes with Chickenfoot. And some writing, playing (bass and synth) and recording with Mick Mars and Terry Bozzio.

MKB/BBB tour the Westcoast in October.

And finally the US premiere of The Universe Will Provide.


A short Winter MyKeneally Tour.

In May the Mike Keneally Band tours with the Bryan Beller Band. It’s the THEY’RE BOTH THE SAME BAND Northeast Tour 2010.

June has MK in the studio with Joe Satriani.

A Fall 2010/Winter 2011 Joe Satriani world tour is next, with MK playing keyboards.

Also in October 2010 MK performs a selection of Steve Vai piano pieces at the Steve Vai Festival in Groningen, the Netherlands.


Scambot baby, Scambot.

MK and BB return to touring the US as part of the Taylor Guitars tour.

The debut of a new MK/BB touring concept: the MyKeneally Tour.

Dëthkløk is back for a Fall tour.


Dëthkløk tour the US in June. Mike and Bryan are onboard.

A new powertrio – KMB (Keneally Minnemann Beller)- is announced.

Various gigs in the USA, Japan, Europe and Swindon.


MK performs with the MKB, Playground Slap, Umphrey’s McGee and various others.

MK once again returns to Europe for several one off gigs.

The School of Rock All-Stars tour the US, with MK as the musical director.

Exowax re-releases the long out of print albums hat. and Boil That Dust Speck, both including nifty DVDs and additional material.

Mike Keneally presents PAUL GREEN SCHOOL OF ROCK MUSIC — SAN DIEGO performing Pink Floyd’s THE WALL.

In the Fall MK and BB tour as part of Dëthkløk.


In the final weeks of winter, MK will be in Europe again. One of the main events will be a reprise of The Universe Will Provide with Holland’s Metropole Orkest (w/BB). Before that, Kristjan Järvi’s Absolute Ensemble featuring Mike Keneally and Napoleon Murphy Brock perform Absolute/Zappa® in Austria and Italy.

MK/BB acoustic gigs continue.

GuitarTherapy Live gets its release.

Mike Keneally’s Circus of Values! returns to Dizzy’s, with guests including Chad Wackerman, Scott Thunes and Marco Minnemann.

MK/BB “do” the Midwest as part of their ongoing Taylor Guitars tour.

In the Fall of 2006 MK announces that he is named the National Musical Director for Paul Green’s School of Rock and will also be running the San Diego branch of the School of Rock.


More MK & BB Taylor gigs.

The Mike Keneally Band tours the USA in support of the Dog album. This is the Guitar Therapy tour.

Bryan Beller leaves SWR/Fender.

MK & BB tour Europe in the early Fall.

This Fall Bryan was supposed to be on tour with the Zappa brothers for the European “Zappa Plays Zappa“-tour, but that was postponed (at the very last minute as far as rehearsals were concerned.)

On December 30 Zappa alumni Chad Wackerman joins Mike and band for the final gig of the year.


The new year sees the release of the new Mike Keneally Band album Dog and the studio recording of The Universe Will Provide, as recorded with the Metropole Orchestra in September 2002.

MK and the MKB do bunches of gigs.


MK performs with Wayne Kramer.

MK tours Europe. MK and BB do several acoustic gigs in Germany and the UK for Taylor Guitars.

Mike Keneally & Friends tour Finland, Germany and Italy.

As part of the 2003 Holland Festival MK premiers The Universe Will Provide, an orchestral piece for guitar and 50 piece orchestra. Also MK performs with childhood hero Jan Akkerman. As in 2002 there are several gigs at the Zappanale, including a headlining performance by Mike Keneally & Friends.

MK & BB’s Taylor gigs continue.

Bassboy Bryan Beller release a fine solo-album. One of the few solo-albums by a bassplayer that is fun to listen to, more so because it has great compositions, hardly any bass-workouts, and makes you want to dance. Includes Keneally, Rick Musallam, Nick D’Virgilio and Yogi.


Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins become the Mike Keneally Band.

MK and Bryan Beller again embark on an acoustic US tour for Taylor Guitars.

The Mike Keneally Band returns to the Netherlands for the North Sea Jazz Festival. Following that, MK tours Italy and Germany and performs with Sergio Ponti & Diego Serra (Italy) and Jaan Wessman & Schroeder (Germany.) MK also performs at the 13th Zappanale in Bad Doberan (Germany) including two performances with Scott Thunes & The Lewinskys.

Back in the US MK and band are working on the new album as well as doing gigs in California.

MK & BB’s Taylor gigs continue.


A new phase in the world of Mike Keneally: Mike Keneally’s Circus of Values!

MK and BB go on an acoustic tour for Taylor Guitars.

In May, a 7-piece MK-BFD (with new drummer Nick D’Virgilio) embarks on the Dancing 2001 US Tour.

Following this tour, MK teams up with Steve Vai for the G3-Summer Tour (June/July), which also includes Joe Satriani and John Petrucci. After this MK takes a much deserved rest.

MK releases Wooden Smoke.

In October MK-BFD make their European debut at the Groningen Marathon Festival.

In November a 4-piece MK- BFD tours the US.


The Vai world tour lasts until Spring 2000. While on tour MK does various solo gigs.

Following the Vai tour MK-BFD enter the studio for the recording of Dancing, which is released in the Fall. By this time MK-BFD is an 8-piece band.

Several gigs follow, including Nonkerstock 2000, the first gathering of Forheads.

In Fall MK joins the Vai band for a G3 show in Malaysia.


MK-BFD play lots of mostly Californian gigs.

MK-BFD take residence at The Baked Potato for the MK/BFD Wednesday Night Workouts.

In October, MK again joins Steve Vai & Band for a world tour that will last until Spring 2000. While on tour MK will do several solo gigs.

MK releases The Tar Tapes Vol.2


MK-BFD play lots of mostly Californian gigs, before touring the US twice. The motto: We Are Not Here To Help! A large fanbase is established, mainly thanks to the growing internet. The Tour Chronology is founded.

MK releases The Tar Tapes Vol.1


MK tours the world with the Vai band.

Aside from a few shows there is no MK-BFD activity.

In between touring MK records Sluggo! which is released late 1997.


MK and BB leave Z.

MK-BFD tour the US in the Spring.

During the Summer MK teaches at the National Guitar Summer Workshop course. (This gets first mention in a 6/21/2008 blog entry.)

MK joins the Steve Vai band for what turns out to be close to a year of touring.

Late 1996 MK-BFD opens for the Vai band, with MK performing double duties with both bands.

Half Alive In Hollywood, a live double-album appears in the shops.


MK and BB are still members of Ahmet & Dweezil Zappa’s band Z. Z are very busy not touring, although there are a few shows in Europe.

MK visits Japan and performs solo. During the Summer MK & BFD embark on their first tour, and play several gigs, again mostly in California.

In the shops is an album by The Mistakes, a band consisting of MK, Henry Kaiser, Prairie Prince and Andy West.


MK and BB are members of Ahmet & Dweezil Zappa’s band Z. Z tour the US in March (the Kickin’ Ass On The Sun tour.)

MK records and releases Boil That Dust Speck and Beer For Dolphins play several gigs, mostly in California.


Born December 20 1961 on Long Island, New York, Mike Keneally moved to San Diego, California, at an early age. He started playing music at the age of 7 when he had received an electric organ for his birthday. He had also received a guitar on his eleventh birthday, and also plays bass and drums. His early childhood musical influences included The Beatles, and theme music from cartoon and television shows such as, “The Wallace and Ladmo Show” and “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Up until 1987 MK plays in various bands, the best known of these being Drop Control. In 1987 MK joins Frank Zappa‘s band as guitarist/keyboardplayer/singer, and as such tours the world in 1988. Keneally had called Zappa and said that he was “extremely familiar with all of his material and that he would be ready to play any of it for him given a short amount of preparation time”, as he had already “been listening to Zappa’s music for 16 years”. “On the phone the day before the audition Frank had told me to have “What’s New In Baltimore?” and “Sinister Footwear” ready for the next day’s audition”. On the way to the audition Keneally practiced the aforementioned songs, as well as “Little House I Used To Live In”, and “every single Zappa melody I could think of, kind of as an exercise for my memory” as his brother Marty was driving the car.

After Zappa breaks up the band, more or less mid-tour, MK goes back to gigging with Drop Control, as well as doing all sorts of sessionwork, including three albums with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.

In 1991 MK joins the Dweezil Zappa band, later Z, and they tour the world band a couple of times in the years to come. MK and Marc Ziegenhagen work together for the first time as part of the Zappa’s Universe project.

In 1992 MK releases hat.

I don’t have much information available about gigs in this era of MK’s career, so if you can help me, get in touch. Please.

Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins

Current line-up:
Mike Keneally – vocal, guitar, keyboards (1993-present)
Bryan Beller – bass, vocal (1994-present)
Joe Travers – drums (1994-1996, occasional gigs, 2005-present)

Previous bandmembers:
Rick Musallam – guitar, vocal (1999-2014, 2014 onwards guest member)
Griff Peters – guitar (2010-2012, 2012 onwards guest member)
Doug Lunn – bass (unknown-1993, guest member)
Nick D’Virgilio – drums, vocal (2001-2004)
Tricia Steel (Williams) – percussion, marimba (2000-2001)
Evan Francis – altosax, flute (2000-2001)
Chris Opperman – trumpet (1999-2001)
Marc Ziegenhagen – keyboards, vocal (1997-2001)
Jason Harrison Smith – drums, vocal (1998-2001)
Toss Panos – drums (1994-1997)
Frank Briggs – drums (1996)
Bob Tedde – vocal, guitar (guest member)
Peggy Totzke – vocal (guest member)

Note: In January 2002 Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins became the Mike Keneally Band. As of March 2015 the band is performing again as Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins. Confused? Nahh, just check the Chronology.