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Scott Chatfield offered to build me a website in 1994, nineteen years ago at this writing. I had never even heard the word “website” before but I was quickly convinced by the possibilities of what he was suggesting. Scott has spent endless hours in the two decades since then maintaining the site, for which I am most humbly grateful: was a pioneering music-oriented website, it’s been an immensely useful thing in my life and career, and it wouldn’t have existed in the form it did if it weren’t for Scott. has been a deep and wide platform for many writings and postings related to me and my career, including many contributions from fans, which is fantastic; but one of the perhaps inevitable by-products of that is, as years go by, a lot of old information which is not really relevant to my present mindset or career is still on the site, and neither Scott nor I have had the time to cull the obsolete info, keep the discography properly updated, etc. The front page has always been regularly updated and relevant, thanks to Scott, but the majority of the site has basically been covered in weeds for the past bunch of years.

Now, with this new version of (which was instigated by, and is largely the handiwork of, Antal Adriaanse), we are officially at the dawn of a new day in I’m very grateful for the opportunity for a fresh start, and the idea of having a new site where all the writing in it is accurate to my current frame of mind is obviously really appealing.

But too much loving work has gone into the old to just strike it dead, we feel. So this page offers you the opportunity to fall way down the rabbit hole, immerse yourself in outdated data and enjoy a healthy step back in time with the original

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