Discography: Mike with others 2000-2009

2000 Chris Opperman – Klavierstücke (Purple Cow Records)
MK: producer

2000 Dweezil Zappa – Automatic (Favored Nations Records)
MK: guitar, vocals

2000 Nigey Lennon – Reinventing the Wheel (Dinghy)
MK: guitar, vocal on: Any Way The Wind Blows (also w/Candy Zappa)

2000 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Best of the Bizarre Sessions: 1990-1994 (Manifesto Records)
MK: guitar, vocals

2000 Various Artists – New Coat of Paint: Songs of Tom Waits (Manifesto Records)
w/ Screamin’Jay Hawkins
MK: guitar, vocals

2000 Steve Vai – The 7th Song: Enchanting Guitar Melodies (Archives Vol. 1) (Epic/Sony Music Distribution)
MK: keyboards

2000 The Loud Family – Attractive Nuisance (Alias Records)
MK: guitar

2000 The Persuasions – Frankly a Cappella: The Persuasions Sing Zappa (Earthbeat/Rhino)
MK: guitar on track

2001 James LaBrie – Mullmuzzler 2 (Magna Carta)
MK: guitar

2001 Lyle Workman – Tabula Rasa (Infrared)
MK: vocals[expand]
Mike describes the genesis of the track: “Lyle [Workman] composed, performed and produced the instrumental backing track by himself, then asked me to write a vocal part for it. His track was so fantastic, I could hear the vocal parts screaming at me just listening to it and I had the lyrics and melody written inside of a couple of hours. It was recorded in 1998, and released in 2000 on Lyle’s brilliant second album. I’ve gently begged Lyle to record an album’s worth of killer instrumental tracks that I can stick vocals on, but he’s been busy providing the soundtrack to the Judd Apatow cinematic empire– and good on him — Lyle is entirely a genius and a sweet man and deserves all great things.”
See also Wine And Pickles. [/expand]

2001 NDV (Nick D’Virgilio) – Karma (Inside Out Music)
MK: guitar, piano

2001 Steve Vai – Alive In An Ultra World (Epic)
MK: guitar, keyboards, vocals

2001 Trummerflora Collective – No Stars Please (Accretions)
MK: guitar on track

2001 Andrew Gorczyca – Reflections: An Act Of Glass (Prog Rock Records)
MK: various instruments

2002 Andy West and Rama – Rama 1 (Magna Carta)
MK: producer, various instruments

2002 Frank Zappa – Zappa Picks [Larry LaLonde] (Rykodisc)
MK: guitar, keyboards on “Alien Orifice”

2002 Napoleon Murphy Brock – Balls (NMB)
MK: guitar

2002 Henry Kaiser – Playola – A Collection of Curiosities for Airplay: 1977-2002 (promotional, self-released)
MK: guitar, keys and vocals on “Aye-Aye Monster”

2002 Steve Vai – The Elusive Light and Sound, Vol. 1 (Favored Nations Records)
MK: keyboards

2002 Various Artists – 156 Strings – Nineteen Totally Original Acoustic Guitarists (Cuneiform Records)
track: Thou Shalt Not Kill

2003 Bryan Beller – View (Onion Boy Records)
MK: organ, piano, vocals

2003 Steve Vai – Mystery Tracks – Archives, Vol. 3 (Favored Nations Records)
MK: guitar, keyboards

2003 Steve Vai – The Infinite Steve Vai: An Anthology (Epic/Legacy)
MK: guitar, keyboards

2003 Leigh Williams – Absolute Zero (self released)
MK: keyboards

2003 Various Artists – A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd (Stanley Recordings)
MKB: Astronomy Domine

2003 Willie Oteri – Spiral Out (Disk Union)
MK: Fender Rhodes, organ

2003 Various Artists – Zappanale #13 – 2002 cd/dvd
MK: vocals, guitar

2004 Chain – chain.exe (Prog Rock Records)
MK: guitar, vocals

2004 Various Artists – Isole Che Parlano 00 03 (self-released)
MK: guitar on “Thanksgiving,” guitar/vox/keys on “I Was Not Ready for You” (live performances from International Festival in Sardinia)

2004 Chris Opperman – Concepts of Non-Linear Time (Purple Cow Records)
MK: various instruments

2004 Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith – Yo Miles! Sky Garden (Cuneiform Records)
MK: guitar, keyboards

2004 Ossi Duri – X (Electromantic)
MK: guitar, vocals

2004 Various Artists – Zappanale #14 – 2003 cd/dvd

2005 Robert Fripp – Soundscapes, Mud Island Amphitheatre, Memphis, TN – October 11 1997 (DGM Live download)
MK: guitar on the track “Kenneally”

2005 Various Artists – Drum Nation, Vol. 2 (Magna Carta)
MK: guitar w/ Andy West and Rama

2005 Various Artists – Cuneiform Story (Musica Jazz, Italy)
MK: guitar on “Tune in 5, One Phone Call” with Yo Miles!

2005 Anthony Curtis – Book of the Key (Jester Records)
MK: Fender Rhodes

2005 Mike Portnoy – Prime Cuts (Magna Carta)
MK: guitar w/ Andy West and Rama

2005 Chris Opperman – Beyond the Foggy Highway (Live 2002 – 2004) (Purple Cow Records)
MK: editing

2005 Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith – Yo Miles! Upriver (Cuneiform Records)
MK: guitar

2005 Ulver – Blood Inside The End
MK: guitar

2005 Jon Kanis – Cabalistic Dispatch
MK: producer, cowriter, various instruments[expand]
Recorded September 1, 2004-April 28, 2005; Doubletime Studio, El Cajon, CA. Produced by Jon Kanis & Mike Keneally. Engineered by Jeff Forrest & Richard Livoni. Mixed by Jeff Forrest & Jon Kanis. Personnel: Mike Draper [electric guitar], Nathan Hubbard [drums, percussion, vibes/marimba], Jon Kanis [acoustic guitar, electric bass, percussion, vocals], Jesse Keneally [vocals], Mike Keneally [electric guitars, electric bass, Hammond B3 organ, electric piano, keyboards, drums, vocals], Cecilia Kim [cello], Steve Kobashigawa [electric bass], John Lang [upright acoustic bass, electric bass], Bill Ray [drums & percussion], Layne Sterling [vocals], Bob Tedde [vocals].
Songs: Invocation [Kanis/Keneally], Don’t Stand There, Forget (That I Even Mentioned It), The Colorist, Think It Over, Fear, A.C. In Michigan, The Sun #19, Everything Remains, Butterfly, Questions For A Swami, Make It [Kanis/Keneally], Real Gone, Give, That, Shine On [Kanis/Keneally], Lay Your Life On The Table, The Return Of The Edmund Fitzgerald [/expand]

2006 Frank Zappa – Trance-Fusion (Zappa Records)
MK: guitar/keyboards

2006 Various Artists – After the Storm: A Benefit Album for the Survivors of Hurricane Katrina
track: Time Table

2006 Frank Zappa – The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle

2007 Anthony Setola – Interstellar Appeal
MK: guitar on track “Chalkhills and Children”

2007 Vinny Golia, Aurora Josephson, Henry Kaiser, Mike Keneally, Joe Morris, Damon Smith, Weasel Walter – Healing Force: The Songs of Albert Ayler (Cuneiform Records)
MK: guitar, keyboards, vocals

2007 Various Artists – Musicians For Minneapolis (Electro-Vibe)
w/ Steve Vai

2008 James LaBrie – Prime Cuts (Magna Carta)
MK: guitar

2008 Bryan Beller – Thanks In Advance (Onion Boy Records)
MK: guitar, keyboards

2008 Zapp String Quartet – Peculiar (Loplop)
MK: composer of “Gita Minor” (string quartet arrangement of part of “Gita” from Scambot 1)

2008 Frank Zappa – The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle #2

2008 Razl – Rotonova (Martian Sheep)
MK: guitar

2008 The Assumptions – self-titled (LS.d Records)
MK: Producer, guitars, keyboards, some bass, bg vocals, percussion[expand]
Recorded July 16-19, 2007 at Big Fish Studio, Rancho Santa Fe, CA and December 3-11 at Signature Sound, San Diego, CA.
Produced by Mike Keneally. Engineered by Ben Moore, Mike Harris, Jon Kanis. Mixed by Mike Harris. Personnel: Brian Cantrell [drums, percussion], Jon Kanis [electric bass, vocals], Mike Keneally [guitars, keyboards, electric bass, percussion, vocals, orchestration], Layne Sterling [guitar, vocals], Sara Sterling [vocals, vocal arrangements]. Songs: Velvet Warning / The Magdalene / Deep Dish Sonic Sage / 3 / Better Late Than Never / Into Freedom / Cocktail Dancing / Hail Caesar! / Why Are You / Once In A While / Wished / Who’s Mentoring The Store, Merlin?[/expand]

2009 The Music of Andrew Gorczyka – Reflections: An Act Of Glass (Progrock Records)
MK: guitar

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