I’ve been ridiculously freaking fortunate through the years to have a hardcore bunch of fans, with whom I’ve been interacting in various ways that go well beyond the traditional “artist-audience” interaction. We’ve been communicating online for nearly twenty years now; fans have sponsored my shows, introduced me onstage, had me play in their backyards and living rooms – incredible times have been shared.

I’ve had some amazing moments in my career playing for many thousands of people at a time (well, not at Keneally shows, but at Zappa and Satriani and Dethklok shows and stuff) and that’s been breathtaking and cool; but some of the most special moments of my life have been these more intimate circumstances, playing my own music for people who really get me, and sharing the kind of warm interactions that can only happen after getting to know each other over many years.

The people who really like my stuff also tend to be relatively evangelistic about it, spreading the word to their friends and helping my solo career to continue and flourish. I could never adequately express my gratitude for that. The REALLY hardcore fans pretty much formed a community of their own, quite apart from my involvement (they called themselves Forheads, based on the word “For” in my old band name Beer For Dolphins). The remnants of this community still hang out occasionally on the Usenet group Yes, Virginia, there is still a Usenet.

I honor my relationship with my fans and look forward to finding new, creative ways to strengthen and evolve the relationship in the future. You might keep an eye on this page for developments along those lines.

My fans are seriously wonderful. The energy they’ve aimed at me through the years has fed me and my work, and I will do all I can to continue earning that energy.

If you’re a fan, my sincere and everlasting thanks to you.