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Devin Townsend’s Lightwork European Tour – I’ll Be There, I Will Be There

I was in the middle of a North American Devin Townsend tour in mid-March 2020 when the earth shifted on its axis and every single touring band on the planet had to go home all of a sudden, with glazed eyes and masks on and, just, liberally covered with sanitizer and thinking “what the hell just happened?.” It’s been three years since that went down and I’ve felt a very specific sense of Townsendus Interruptus ever since, so its with immense gratitude and glee that I’m able to tell you:

I’ll be playing in Devin Townsend’s band on the upcoming Lightwork European Tour, which begins on Feb. 21 on Oslo, ends in Norwich on April 5, and goes just every which way in between.

Gig information and ticket links are at Dev’s website here:

This will be a tight little quartet consisting of Dev, me, Darby Todd on drums (who plays in Martin Barre’s band and has also played with The Darkness, Alan Price, Gary Moore, Robert Plant, Robben Ford – a truly versatile player) and James Leach on bass (a ferocious player, from the hugely influential band Sikth). I haven’t played with Darby and James yet but in a few days we start rehearsals, and I expect things to just explode. I mean this is going to be seriously great so if you can possibly come to one of these shows, you should fully do it, with all of your might.

Devin Townsend’s Lightwork European Tour – I’ll Be There, I Will Be There