ProgJect tour – coming in April

A few weeks ago I joined a new band called ProgJect, which is the brainchild of drummer/mover/shaker Jonathan Mover, whose work you may know from Joe Satriani, or Marillion, or GTR, or the Musical Box, or his work as editor of Drumhead Magazine or various other entrepreneurial  (MAN that’s a hard word to spell) activities with which he’s found himself entwined over the years.

A couple of years ago he got it into his head to put together something of an all-star band playing a bunch of the progressive rock of the ‘70s he grew up loving (Genesis, Yes, Crimson, ELP, Floyd, Gentle Giant, Bruford, etc.). He joined forces with Ryo Okumoto, the keyboardist from Spock’s Beard, and very soon Michael Sadler (vocalist from SAGA) and Matt Dorsey (bassist from Sound Of Contact and In Continuum) became a part of the enterprise.

ProgJect tour – coming in April

Apparently they had it mind at the beginning of the whole process that they’d like me to play guitar, but thought I was too busy, and then the pandemic happened, and in the event I didn’t hear anything about the project until October 2021. I went up to LA to play with them in January of this year, and basically right away I was going “oh yeah, this needs to happen.”

I love all these songs so much – I grew up loving them just like Jonathan did, and it is absurdly exhilarating to play all these different, fantastic songs one right after the other. We’ve been rehearsing every weekend pretty much and I promise you, it’s a really powerful set of music. I think audiences are going to be extremely happy about this band.

The ProgJect website is this here:

If you want to go directly to the tour dates, that’s here:

This is pretty much an east coast tour, although it starts with an LA show on Apr. 1. Jonathan has very ambitious long-term plans for this band, so don’t be concerned if we’re not coming to your town right away – the idea is to play everywhere. I hope you get to see us soon.


Keneally Grano Nash Lee in San Diego Feb. 4

This will be my third show with these lovely folks, and this time we are joined by two highly special guests, guitarist Larry Mitchell and violinist Jamie Shadowlight. The venue, called Navajo Live because it’s on Navajo Rd., used to be called the Navajo Inn in the ’80s, which I think is the last time I played there. It’ll be a nostalgic rush to be in that building again!

8515 Navajo Rd, San Diego CA 92119

Music starts at 8:30. Thanks all.

Keneally Grano Nash Lee in San Diego Feb. 4

The Zappa Band Returns To The Baked Potato

On Feb. 24-27 2022, the torture will be re-started! Another four nights of FZ extravagance at the Baked Potato (hopefully a precursor to a full-blown US tour a little later in the year).

We will re-introduce some material we haven’t played since before the pandemic, as well as some tunes we’ve NEVER played before.

Two sets a night, eight sets total. The links to all the sets are on this page (scroll down a bit):

Playing with this band has become one of the great joys of my life and I’m fiercely excited to do it some more!

The Zappa Band Returns To The Baked Potato