Discography: Mike with others 2010-now

2010 Joe Satriani – Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards (Epic/Sony)
MK: keyboards

2010 Chris Opperman – The Lionheart (Purple Cow Records)
MK: guitar on “White Willow”

2010 Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith – Yo Miles: Lightning (There Records)
MK: composer, guitar, keyboards

2010 Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith – Yo Miles: Shinjuku (There Records)
MK: guitar, keyboards

2010 Marco Minnemann – Normalizer 2
MK: guitar

2011 Bryan Beller – Wednesday Night Live (Onion Boy Records)
MK: guitar, keyboards

2011 Todd Grubbs – Return of the Worm
MK: guitar

2011 Doug Lunn Project – Doug Lunn Project (CD Baby)
MK: guitar

2011 Steve Vai – The Essential Steve Vai (Epic/Legacy)
MK: guitar, keyboards

2011 Matt Resnicoff – The History Of Now (Recognizable As Music)
MK: producer, various instruments

2012 Joe Satriani – Satchurated: Live in Montreal (Epic/Red Ink/Sony)
MK: keyboards

2012 Various Artists – The $100 Guitar Project Bridge
MK: all instruments, production and composing on “Hi Ma”

2012 Dane Runyon – Looking Below (Dane Runyon)
MK: Producer, guitar, keyboards, mixing, vocals

2012 Steve Vai – The Story Of Light (Favored Nations Records)
MK: keyboards

2011 Todd Grubbs – Best of the Guests
MK: guitar

2013 Joe Satriani – Unstoppable Momentum (Epic)
MK: keyboards

2013 Soundtrack (Bear McCreary) – Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (La-La Land Records)
More info here
MK: guitar

2013 Metalocalypse (Dethklok) – The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera Soundtrack (BS Records)
MK: vocals

2015 Joe Satriani – Shockwave Supernova (Epic)
MK: keyboards and guitar

2015 Marco Minnemann – Above The Roses
MK: guitar

2016 Steve Vai – Modern Primitive (Epic)
MK: keyboards

2016 Frank Zappa – Frank Zappa For President (Zappa Records)
MK: guitar, keyboards and vocal

2016 Marco Minnemann – Schattenspiel
MK: guitar

2017 Mastodon – The Emperor of Sand (Warner Bros.)
MK: grand piano, Moog and Mellotron on “Jaguar God”

2017 Notopia – Celebrating Life (Notopia)
MK: guitar

2017 Notopia – Two Pianos (Notopia)
MK: Fender Rhodes

2018 Phi Yaan-Zek – Reality Is My Plaything (Geomagnetic Records)
MK: Keys, guitar, vocals, drum programming

2018 Phi Yaan-Zek – Play My Strange Thing (Geomagnetic Records)
MK: Keys, guitar, vocals

2019 Devin Townsend – Empath (Inside Out/Sony)
MK: Co-producer, some writing, some guitar, some keyboards

2019 Bryan Beller – Scenes From The Flood (Onion Boy Records)
MK: guitar

2020 Doctor Nerve – LOUD (Punos Music)
MK: guitar on bonus track

2020 MFTJ – MFTJ (Lazy Bones Recordings)
MK: Co-producer, co-writer, guitars, keys, bass

2020 Gergo Borlai – The Missing Song (Blue Canoe Records)
MK: lead guitar on “Vinnie”

2020 Chris Opperman – Chamber Music From Hell (Purple Cow Records)
MK: lead guitar on “Are We Living In A Computer Simulation?”

2020 Staring Into Nothing – Love
MK: Guitars, synthesizer

2020 Devin Townsend – Order of Magnitude (Inside Out/Sony)
MK: guitar, keyboard, xaphoon, vocal

2020 Uncle Sammy – Unearthed
MK: Co-producer, guitar on “In The Lab”

2021 MFTJ – My Mom’s Getting A Horse (Lazy Bones Recordings)
MK: Co-producer, co-writer, guitars, keys, bass, xaphoon

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