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Sep 9 2013

I found this sort of extraordinary: I left my iPhone charger at the hotel in Dallas. Didn’t realize it until we got to Houston. Yoops!

The day after Houston we (the Satriani band) were in Austin for a gig. NOW FOR SOME BACKGROUND: a couple of days beforehand, Kira Small put me in touch with an Austin musician named Steve McAllister, who wondered if I was available for a session when I got into town. There was no soundcheck on the day of the Austin gig, so I had the whole day free until 8:00 pm, and I told Steve “yup. Yup.”

He picks me up at the hotel and I ask him, “hey, you aren’t a Mac guy by any chance are you?” I thought he might know where the nearest Apple Store was so I could get a new phone charger. He reaches into the compartment between the front seats of the car and pulls out his Apple credentials – he works for the company. I do the session, his song is awesome, he pays me AND gives me a new charger. Things really go right sometimes.

To which you respond, “what do I care? What has this got to do with me?” Well, calm your ass down while I explain.

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Thank you and ‘bye, Steve Morse Band

We’ve only got two more shows on this North American Satriani tour with the Steve Morse Band opening – we are truly going to miss them! Unbelievable musicians, obviously, but also such enjoyable guys to pal around with. Thank you Steve, Dave and Van!

We’re in Albany tonight and Portland, ME tomorrow with Steve’s band – then we’re on to Canada for two weeks, with Sit Down Servant opening.

Having a whole lot of fun on this tour – wish you were here – – –


Joe Satriani Band & Steve Morse band
L to R: Bryan Beller, Dave LaRue, Van Romaine, Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Marco Minnemann, Mike Keneally
photo: Bob Mussell


I would like to tip my hat to some writers who’ve done pieces about the new album – I appreciate the energy and good words, a lot. TIP. Of my HAT.

This dude Mark S. Tucker has been sneaking reviews of my albums on to the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange (FAME) website for a while now, even when the albums he’s reviewed could in no way be referred to as “folk” or “acoustic,” such as You Must Be This Tall. I consider this a subversive act and I appreciate it. Here’s his YMBTT review:

Something Else! Reviews has been like a metric ton of the finest raisins, in that they have been very supportive, informed and cool – here’s Tom Johnson’s review of the new album:

…and an interview I did with Nick DeRiso of Something Else!, about YMBTT, Andy Partridge, and other potential items of interest:

We’re movin’ now! Here’s one single link that leads to TWO reviews of You Must Be This Tall, from DPRP, the Dutch Progressive Radio P. I know it’s not “Radio P” at the end. Let me look this up.  It’s the Dutch Progressive ROCK PAGE. Sorry 🙂 Thank you Roger Trenwith and Jez Rowden.

Perpetual pal Pete Pardo from within the Sea Of Tranquility chooses to impart these thoughts:

This review at the New Zealand site Witch Doctor kind of took my breath away. Thanks Peter Kearns

And hey! Not everyone is gonna dig it! The universe isn’t built to withstand total agreement on any one thing, and response to You Must Be This Tall is, if nothing else, a thing. Beppe Colli at Clouds and Clocks eloquently expresses reservations: (broken link)

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