The Complete Adventures Of The Unrelated Sound Guy

An IndieGogo campaign for “THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES OF THE UNRELATED SOUND GUY” (a film inspired by five songs from my next album)

Mikko Keinonen is a very wonderful Finnish filmmaker. He hired me last year to play the piece “Mating Dance” for the closing credits music of his film DUUS.

(As it happens, you can watch a video of me playing this very “Mating Dance,” at the very popular video streaming hub YouTube.

A point of potential interest: practicing this piece for a week in order to prepare for this video destroyed my fingers, particularly the area just under the nails to such an extent that I couldn’t even dare dream of playing the guitar for, like, eleven days at least. Was it worth it? HA! 168 entire likes on YouTube [as of this typing] say that it WAS, bucko!) (Although that guy in the comments who says it’s a “really bad Bill Frisell imitation,” yeah I guess that stings a bit. But hey, you know — YooouTube commenters, am I right? AM I RIGHT?)

Let me start again:

Mikko Keinonen is a very wonderful Finnish filmmaker. He hired me last year blah blah blah.

After I did the song for his film, he said that he would like to shoot a video for one of my songs sometime. I’m highly delighted by Mikko’s visual sensibilities (he’s gotten some artistic inspiration in his work, visually, from “Monty Python & The Holy Grail,” which is one of the most divine-looking and best films of all time AFAIC), so I was pretty darn jazzed about this.

I sent Mikko rough mixes of some of the songs-in-progress from the next album, and he got pretty darn jazzed about making videos for five of them. Wha—? Okay! Yeah! Have at it!

I suggested to him (while thinking of the short film that Thom Yorke did for the album Anima, comprising three tunes in a row) that if he really wanted to make videos for five of the songs, possibly they could be connected in a way that had some artistic juice to it, as a short film of about 30 minutes in duration. Mikko took to this idea, like a particularly discerning frog takes to some sort of particularly well-designed frog sanctuary.

(fanfare)   RRRUNDT   TA-DA-DAHHHHH!!

I now call your attention to The Complete Adventures of the Unrelated Sound Guy, a short film by Mikko Keinonen, based on five songs from my upcoming album. It is being created in Finland, far from my prying eyes. The concepts and visuals are entirely the work of Mikko. He’s already done a huge amount of work on it. I have seen some of the footage and it’s completely delightful. I’m entirely thrilled that this film will exist.

Image from The Complete Adventures Of The Unrelated Sound Guy
Image from The Complete Adventures Of The Unrelated Sound Guy
Image from The Complete Adventures Of The Unrelated Sound Guy
Image from The Complete Adventures Of The Unrelated Sound Guy

I really should have told you about all of this, dear reader, a lot sooner, because the campaign I’m about to announce has very nearly reached its ending date, but there exists an IndieGogo campaign, one which will help fund the costs for the making of this special film project.


Mikko is compiling a really good batch of rewards for the different campaign levels: DVDs, calendars, alternative mixes, postcards, your name in the credits, even your own appearance in the film itself (if you can make it to Finland for the filming) – all kinds of interesting items including a Holiday in Finland for two. I beseech you, visit the page, and see for yourself all the goodness he’s making available.

And you know what else? Even though this campaign will officially end a few days from when I’m typing this, THE MECHANISM FOR YOU TO HELP SUPPORT THIS FILM ON INDIEGOGO WILL CONTINUE TO REMAIN IN PLACE THEREAFTER. What I’m trying to say here is, you can still donate, even after the campaign is over! I can’t quite get over how stunning this is to me. I might need to lie down.

(Update of an unfortunate nature!: the campaign has indeed closed down for real! Mikko thought he’d arranged it so that the ability to donate would continue, but it turns out that that’s totally not the case. However, he is working on putting together a merch shop so that it’s possible for you to continue to help support his project – I’ll let you know when that’s up and running.)

Thank you! Bless you! You know?


PS. The new album is taking me a long time to finish. I’m completely obsessed with it. I’ll write more about it here later. It’ll be out in the first half of next year. I’m pretty sure of that.

PPS. Holy heck how about that Get Back show, right? It’s hard for me not to just watch it every freaking day. Were it not for the album I’m trying to finish, I probably would. All I ever wanted to do as a kid was hang out with the Beatles for a few hours, and here it is finally. Jeez I love the Beatles.

PPSS. Happy holidays!!

PPPSSSS. I appreciate the heck out of you, you the person who’s reading this, and I hope you’re doing great. Sending love  <3 <3 <3   :^) :^) :^)