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I’m standing in my Prague hotel listening to Todd Rundgren and dancing while I type. Try to prove me wrong. This here G3 Europe tour is just underway and I’m having more fun than organisms of my advanced age are supposed to. Surrounded by wonderful folks and loveliness everywhere. The snowy Czech landscapes took my breath away as we bus’d into town this morn. It’s a beautiful freaking world. This is a sober man talking! This is empirical truth!




(L to R: Jesse Keneally, MK, Chelsea Jones - photo by Sarah Crochet)
(L to R: Jesse Keneally, MK, Chelsea Jones – photo by Sarah Crochet)

George Clooney just gave us twelvety billion dollars (UNTRUE) and we’re passing the savings on to you!

(But the part about the savings is TRUE!!)

Cuz: for the rest of March 2018 everything at the Keneally Store is one-third off. (That doesn’t mean you’ll only get two-thirds of Boil That Dust Speck if you buy it [which is still twenty songs and a bargain by any standard] but it does mean that we will slash a whopping 33.3% off the purchase price of anything at the Keneally Store you want to have. ANYTHING. CDs, shirts, downloads. All of them are QUITE A BIT CHEAPER THAN USUAL.)

Use the promo code “THIRD OFF” at checkout, or click this link to claim your discount. Your March One-Third Off sale prices will show up in your shopping cart at checkout.

We who continue to believe in and unconditionally love album-length musical statements, and shirts, thank you unreservedly for your energy and support!


G3, baby. Joe Satriani, John Petrucci and Uli Jon Roth. Joining me in Satriani’s band are my compadres Bryan Beller and Joe Travers. First two gigs in Moscow and Warsaw were delightful. I trust that tonight in Prague will be as well (that one will have already happened by the time you see this, dear reader).

Here’s the rest of the itinerary (I’m not going to make Keneallist-Meister Scott C. encode all the weblinks for these dates, because all that info awaits you already, neatly arranged at This is just a handy guide so you can check if your town is one that we’re about to visit. And if we are, you should go to, click the relevant link, buy some tickets and come to the show. It’s really that hot-damn simple):

Mar 24 Oslo
Mar 25 Aalborg
Mar 26 Filderstadt
Mar 27 Offenbach
Mar 28 Koln
Mar 29 Berlin
Mar 31 Groningen
Apr 2 Rome
Apr 3 Florence
Apr 4 Milan
Apr 6 Bilbao
Apr 7 Barcelona
Apr 9 Madrid
Apr 11 Zurich
Apr 14 Eindhoven
Apr 15 Lyon
Apr 16 Paris
Apr 17 Bordeaux
Apr 18 Toulouse
Apr 19 Nantes
Apr 21 Antwerp
Apr 23 Lille
Apr 24 Southend
Apr 25 Hammersmith
Apr 26 Bristol
Apr 27 Manchester
Apr 29 Portsmouth
Apr 30 Birmingham

And there’s some Canadian Satriani dates coming up! These are longer Satriani shows, rather than G3 dates. And I’m led to understand that there are more than just these three dates still to be announced for Canada. You’ll know when we do.

May 25 Montreal
May 26 Rouyn-Noranda (Festival Des Guitares Du Monde)
May 27 Rouyn-Noranda (Festival Des Guitares Du Monde)

Again, hasten your internet-browsin’ eyes to for ticket links, venue details and more gigs as they are announced. We’re not done by a relatively long shot!


Wyclef Jean
Put my headphones on
And gently swayed and grooved
I watched him from
A nearby drum
That hovered, buzzed and moved

“Hey Wyclef Jean!
Would you like some flan?
Who you listening to? Fred Frith?”
He didn’t hear
Cause his headphone ear
Was too full to hear me with

“Hey Wyclef Jean!
What’d you think of ‘Tron’?
Should a parrot wield a shield?”
He walked away
Leaving me to say
“Nothing is revealed.”


Hey, what do you want for nothing? Rubber biscuit?

I love you!


Greetings, buddies! We hope you are doing very well!

There are a few items to discuss:


(L to R: Jesse Keneally, MK, Chelsea Jones - photo by Sarah Crochet)
(L to R: Jesse Keneally, MK, Chelsea Jones – photo by Sarah Crochet)

No matter what year it is, March is always the third month. That’s kind of amazing and to celebrate it, everything at the Keneally Store is one-third off for the entire month of March. This is the biggest discount ever and we hope you take advantage of this to finally grab that one album (or three) you still haven’t gotten, buy a T-shirt for your considerate neighbor who smiles at you all the time, or fill your phone up with album downloads. Have at it!

Use the promo code “THIRD OFF” at checkout, or click this link to claim your discount. Your March One-Third Off sale prices will show up in your shopping cart at checkout.


Beyond The Supernova

Joe‘s son ZZ Satriani filmed us throughout our Asia and European Shockwave Supernova tours, and created a rather beautiful film about Joe’s creative journey, featuring a lot of onstage, backstage and other-stage footage. It’s a hugely entertaining look at the touring life and beyond – ZZ is an insanely creative dude. I think you’ll like this a lot. It’s premiering on AXS.TV at 10pm (9pm Central time) on Tuesday, March 6. More details, including trailers, at Joe’s page.


Wesfest 13
It will be a pleasure to once again honor the memory of our friend Wes Wehmiller with a special live performance, benefitting the Wes Wehmiller Scholarship at the Berklee College of Music. This year the headliners are Doug Wimbish and Will Calhoun (of Living Colour) with their project Head>>Fake. I’ll be performing with the WesFest All-Stars featuring Bryan Beller, Joe Travers, Rick Musallam, Griff Peters, Mike Olekshy and Colin Keenan, and we’ve got a nice set planned including a couple of my tunes and the world premiere of a song from Bryan’s upcoming solo album. Please help us pay tribute to Wes and enjoy a night of great music – and if you can’t make it, a donation to the scholarship is always an option. All the details are here.



We just got off the road from seven weeks in the US. This was the first Satriani touring with the new band of Joe, me, Bryan Beller and Joe Travers, and as much as I’ve enjoyed all the Satriani touring over the past eight years, I’ve never loved a Satch tour as much as this one. Obviously, Beller, Travers and I have forged a serious connection over the decades, and the chemistry of Satriani playing with us really has some incredible fire to it.

The US tour featured John Petrucci and Phil Collen of Def Leppard and those dudes are seriously on point as well. Phil is a wonderful guy and fantastic player and he’s got to go do some Def Leppard dates with Journey now, so for the European dates the G3 combo will be Satriani, Petrucci and Uli Jon Roth, which will definitely be killer and another great adventure. We start in Moscow on March 16 and end in Birmingham on April 30 – check out all the dates here and I hope to see you out there!

Thank you for continued interest and support and much love to you!

High five!

Mike debuts Dancing Demos download!

Dancing Demos download

Greetings from scenic Rapperswil, Switzerland! Heading onstage with Satriani in a little bit. This has been a wonderful tour so far, I hope some of you in Europe have been able to see a show or plan to see one in the coming month.

This is a quick note to let you know we’ve made a new downloadable album available – Dancing Demos. This is a nine-song, 37-minute collection of the demos I recorded in 2000 to distribute to the members of Beer For Dolphins, prior to beginning the rehearsals for the album Dancing.

I did these demos, with Scott Chatfield engineering, at Chatfield Manor. These are extremely stripped down, but they aren’t just one-man, live on-the-spot renditions – some songs have both guitar and keyboard parts on them, and there are some vocal harmonies present as well. Some of the tracks feature some spoken instructions as to what I’m thinking about different parts of the songs (eg. the “Stravinsky” section of “Lhai Sal”) and some additional music, chordal approaches and melodic ideas that didn’t make it into the final versions.

Scott found these essentially lost recordings a few months ago, and I had exactly zero recollection of having made them! I find them to be rewarding listening, and they actually reminded me of some of my original and subsequently abandoned musical ideas that I’d like to re-institute the next time I approach these pieces for performance.

The download also features an 8-page digital booklet, handsomely designed by Atticus Wolrab, featuring newly written liner notes, as well as a letter I wrote to the members of BFD at the time (which accompanied the CD of these demos which I sent to them). The letter is a good window into my mental processes at the time regarding what Dancing was supposed to become (including the listing of a running order which is quite different from what eventually happened).

All in all, a rewarding archeological dig for aficionados. And a mere seven bucks for an album length download (back when albums were forty minutes long, more or less). I hope you enjoy the holy heck out of it!

La Cathedrale de Strasbourg,



Satriani BandI’m back on the road with Joe Satriani, Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann for a spate of gigs for a few weeks across Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand. If you weren’t able to catch us on the road last year, I hope you’ll be able to make it to a gig this time around. There will be more touring later in the year. I’m excited to get back on the mighty Satch steamroller and really looking forward to this year’s gigs:

Unstoppable Momentum World Tour 2014
(Joe Satriani, Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann)

Jul 12 – Teatro Axerquia – Cordoba, ES
Jul 14 – Grec Theatre – Barcelona, ES
Jul 19 – Festival de Carcassone – Carcassone, FR
Jul 20 – Crazy Week!! The Nice Pop Rock Festival – Nice, FR
Jul 23 – Salle de Etoiles – Monte Carlo, MC (Joe Satriani as the guest of Marcus Miller, no Keneally, Beller or Minnemann)
Jul 24 – Theatre de Verdure – Patrimonio, FR
Jul 26 – Palais de Longchamp (OUTDOORS) – Marseille, FR
Jul 28 – Chapiteau (TENT) – Marciac, FR


G4 Experience

I, along with Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and Andy Timmons, will be diving deep into all aspects of guitar playing at The G4 Experience this August at the Cambria Pines Lodge in California. I will relish the opportunity to explore all the facets of my musicianship and share it with everyone there. I suspect I’ll be learning a lot about myself in the process! The location looks to be heavenly as well – I’m looking forward to everything about this.

Sep 20 – Metropolitan Theatre – Mexico City, MX
Sep 23 – Parque Salitre Magico – Bogota, CO
Sep 25 – Movistar Arena – Santiago, CL
Sep 27 – Gran Rex Theatre – Buenos Aires, AR
Sep 28 – Gran Rex Theatre – Buenos Aires, AR
Oct 01 – Citi Bank Hall – Sao Paulo, BR
Oct 03 – Net Live Brasilia – Brasilia, BR
Oct 05 – Agora Casa de Cultura – Quito, EC
Nov 01 – ASB Theatre – Auckland, NZ
Nov 02 – The Opera House – Wellington, NZ
Nov 04 – The Tivoli – Brisbane, AU
Nov 06 – State Theatre – Sydney, AU
Nov 08 – Palais Theatre – Melbourne, AU
Nov 09 – Her Majesty’s Theatre – Adelaide, AU
Nov 11 – Astor Theatre – Perth, AU