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The Zappa Band Returns To The Baked Potato

On Feb. 24-27 2022, the torture will be re-started! Another four nights of FZ extravagance at the Baked Potato (hopefully a precursor to a full-blown US tour a little later in the year).

We will re-introduce some material we haven’t played since before the pandemic, as well as some tunes we’ve NEVER played before.

Two sets a night, eight sets total. The links to all the sets are on this page (scroll down a bit):

Playing with this band has become one of the great joys of my life and I’m fiercely excited to do it some more!

The Zappa Band Returns To The Baked Potato

KENEALLY, GRANO, NASH & LEE – this Friday in Santee, CA

My first gig since the pandemic began was in June, with this group of wonderful San Diego musicians, all friends of mine. We played at this cool saloon called Full Circle in Santee, CA (in the East County of San Diego, the town where I lived 1973-1980 and went to junior high and high school there – a town with a lot of memories for me). Doing a bunch of rock cover tunes that we love and having a ball.

We’re doing it again this Friday, same band, same venue, but throwing a few of our own tunes into the mix. If you can make it – fantastic!

Full Circle Saloon
8528 N Magnolia Ave. #105
Santee, CA

November 19 8:30 PM

KENEALLY, GRANO, NASH & LEE - this Friday in Santee, CA

Zappa Band at the Baked Potato Oct. 28-31

Zappa Band at the Baked Potato Oct. 28-31

When Beer For Dolphins played at the Potato in July, Joe Travers and club-owner Justin Randi struck up a conversation right away to discuss getting The Zappa Band back into the club. The results were pretty much immediate and now we’ve got four nights there next week. Two sets per night, 8 and 10 pm.

We are ready to play. The band definitely got its act together over the bunch of dates we did a few weeks ago opening for King Crimson. For that tour we played pretty much the same set every night (the safest way to comply with the stringent scheduling requirements common to opening acts – and we STILL ran overtime when Jakko and Gavin sat in with us in NYC), but we’re adding a bunch of additional material for this Potato run. The early and late set each night will be radically different from one another, and there will be distinctions from night to night as well, plus special guest(s) (I’m waffling on the plural because some things still need confirming).

Maybe you can make it to one of the gigs! As of this very typing, there are still tickets available for both sets on Halloween, and for the late sets on the 29th and the 30th. We’ll do all we can to make it a memorable experience for you.