MK Live Dates July-October

My lords and ladies!

There are a number of performances coming in the near future featuring myself inserted within a varied array of musical disciplines!

First a gig in Slovenia with SUPERHAMMERS (Stu Hamm, Chad Wackerman and myself) at the Beer and Flowers Festival in Lasko (played this fest with Satriani last year, so much fun; excited for my first performance with this trio!)

Then a couple of weeks of German dates with Jaan Wessman and Schroeder (formerly known as Mike Keneally & Friends, this trio is now formally identifed as THE MIKE KENEALLY REPORT. Because it’s a much better! Schroeder thought of it!)

Then there’s a show in Brazil with Joe Satriani but I still don’t see it announced anywhere so I’m not announcing it either, really!

Then I’m doing two days at GUITAR WORKSHOP PLUS at Seattle University – a performance and a clinic. Deep music diving into a bunch of my songs and other things!

Then a short but sweet series of California dates with the Beer For Dolphins quartet (me, Rick Musallam, Bryan Beller and Joe Travers). So happy about these shows!

Then in September, three dates with Extreme Cream at the Iridium in NYC, and in October a couple of nights at Progtoberfest III with Beer For Dolphins and The Don & Bunk show —

So much happening! Here are details!


Hail to thee music-loving person! I’ll be with Gregg and Doug at Alvas Playhouse this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 13-15. We’ll be improvising a lot and having some prepared material in our back pocket to bounce off from. Recording will take place, and Mr. Bendian will take the recordings and see about constructing some sort of album from them. High adventure on the grand seas of sound! Join us? Join us!

Here’s the ticket link, a link whereat you may buy tickets…



New interview with me at Make Weird Music

I am surely appreciative to Anthony Garone who did a pretty comprehensive 90-minute interview with me a couple of weeks ago, just before I left on this here Satriani tour. Anthony is a voracious enjoyer, appreciator and maker of weird music and we had a lot to talk about regarding the making of unusual sounds. Thanks also to the legendary Carl King for camerawork, technical knowhow and several cogent questions at crucial moments. I hope you enjoy watching/listening/reading as much as I enjoyed yappin’.

(Anthony did a nice graphic of my head which I tried to paste in here but am unable to “for security reasons.” He must be very protective of his art. Good for him!)