Exclusive Scambot 2 pre-orders start now!

Kind folk! Hi! Hear ye!

The time has come, friends…we are now grinningly accepting pre-orders for the 2-CD special edition of Scambot 2.


17 years in the making (I’m serious!), this signed, numbered limited edition of 2000 features two distinct albums for your ears.

Disc 1 is Scambot 2 proper, consisting of the following:

Exclusive Scambot 2 pre-orders start now!SCAMBOT 2
1. In The Trees (10:28)
2. Roots Twist (3:02)
3. Sam (3:20)
4. Clipper (4:36)
5. Forget About It (0:46)
6. Pretzels (4:25)
7. Buzz (4:32)
8. Race The Stars (3:44)
9. O (1:26)
10. Roll (6:23)
11. Constructed (3:46)
12. Freezer Burn (5:23)
13. Scores of People (5:22)
14. Cold Hands Gnat (4:00)
15. Proceed (3:19)

Disc 2 is a whole other freaking album, called Inkling (More From The Scambot 2 Sessions). It contains these things:

INKLING (More from the Scambot 2 Sessions)Exclusive Scambot 2 pre-orders start now!
1. Presence (0:48)
2. Scambot (2:17)
3. Boghe (4:01)
4. Sickness (2:01)
5. The Coma (2:11)
6. I Named You (0:45)
7. Falafel (1:29)
8. O Elastic Love! (1:23)
9. Cram (8:10)
10. Mystery Song (0:04)
11. E (0:37)
12. The Scorpions (5:32)
13. Skating Backwards (2:15)
14. Tom (7:01)
15. Mayday! (1:25)
16. Lovesong (1:27)
17. Back It Up (2:54)
18. Inkling (1:37)
19. Uncompressed Rag (2:04)

One hour and 53 minutes of music altogether.

Both albums are handsomely contained within a frequently blue package, with many absurd drawings and a lengthy story continuing the epic tale of Scambot and the other humans, animals and deities in his life. There’s a 24-page booklet for Scambot 2, and an additional 8-page booklet for Inkling, both nestled within the attractive digipak.

Exowax will begin shipping the CDs in late July. But once your pre-order is processed, you will receive an advance download of Scambot 2 proper, to begin listening to at any moment you care to begin listening to it. No waiting for you, intrepid pre-orderer!

(For any non-physical-product people out there, Scambot 2 proper will also be available as a purchasable single-album download, with digital booklet, in late July. Inkling [More From The Scambot 2 Sessions] will not be available for download though – this album is exclusively available only as Disc 2 of the 2-CD edition.)

How to describe the music? Well, Scambot 1 was a dense, mostly instrumental and pretty darn abstract listen, so Scambot 2 may take you by surprise with its more melodic and accessible (for me, anyway) nature. I really wanted to write a bunch of songs, as opposed to compose a bunch of pieces, and that’s what happened. From the multi-movement epic “In The Trees” to the rocking “Roots Twist” and “Roll” to the lilting “Sam” to the twangy “Constructed” to the proggity “Buzz” and “Clipper” to the… well I’ll stop describing the songs, you’ll hear them soon enough I hope.

Most of the more abstract instrumental music we worked on during this time has gone into Inkling, which really hangs together as an album in its own right, and also contains a few conventionally melodic songs alongside blazing madness and crazy space music and pseudo-ragtime and other things.

If I may so say, I am really freaking happy with both of these albums. Happy enough to italicize!

Scambot 2 has been a long time coming. We’re grateful indeed for your patience, and we hope that you’ll find your patience rewarded by this music.

And now, in the words of TV’s Richard Deacon, sit back, relax, and pre-order Scambot 2 now!

Thank you – we very much dig you –

Scambot 2

MK Touring in Europe, Scambot 2 imminent

MK Touring in Europe, Scambot 2 imminent


I’ve been hopping about Germany for the last week with Jaan Wessman and Schroeder, performing as Mike Keneally and Friends, and having an absolutely fantastic time playing for people. Tonight is the last show of our eight-show run opening for JJ Grey & Mofro (who are a fantastic bunch of guys, band and crew alike) – all the folks who have been helping us out and making this tour happen (particularly George Hofmann and all at Shooter Promotions) are truly a stand-up bunch of righteous geezers. Many, many thanks to all, including those of you have been to the shows, and I can promise there will be more next year.

We’ve got one more Keneally and Friends show after tonight, a headlining gig at Session Music in Walldorf this Monday, June 13. After eight shows of tightly scheduled opening sets, we will certainly be abusing the opportunity to play a much lengthier set, so by all means come see this show if you can! Tickets can be had here.

Then a couple of days of secret recording sessions with my friends Peter Alexius, Marc Mennigmann and Jaan Wessman. What will transpire?

And then it’s on to the next round of Joe Satriani European shows, which will alternate between full Satriani Surfing to Shockwave sets, shorter festival appearances, and G3 nights with Steve Vai and The Aristocrats. Joe has presented some interesting song choices for the jam at the end of the G3 shows – you might be a bit surprised.

But hey, what about pre-order information for Scambot 2, I can hear you say, even while I am located in this very Nurnberg hotel room in which I currently sit?

Stay tuned…stay very, very tuned…



Hi everyone! It’s Mike. Me. Guess what?

Scambot 2 is coming soon!

But before it’s released, we at Exowax want to learn how you prefer to listen to music these days, and we’d very much appreciate it if you’d take a minute to tell us about your preferences in a one-page survey. Your input will be extremely valuable for us as we head into the manufacturing phase.

Scambot 2 consists of these things:

In The Trees (10:28)
Roots Twist (3:02)
Sam (3:20)
Clipper (4:36)
Forget About It (0:46)
Pretzels (4:25)
Buzz (4:32)
Race The Stars (3:44)
O (1:26)
Roll (6:23)
Constructed (3:46)
Freezer Burn (5:23)
Scores of People (5:22)
Cold Hands Gnat (4:00)
Proceed (3:19)

Photo by Tore Kersten

It contains beautiful performances from Kris Myers, Pete Griffin, Joe Travers, Bryan Beller, Gregg Bendian, Doug Lunn, Ben Thomas, Jesse Keneally, Marco Minnemann and Evan Francis. And the magnificent engineering and mixing of Mike Harris. And the soulful energy and input of Scott Chatfield.

Sarah Crochet helped me profoundly in areas of sound and sequencing. Atticus Wolrab is presently doing beautiful things with the artwork (although in keeping with his current M.O., he is refusing to take a credit on the album package itself, but he can’t stop me from calling him out online). I also did a bunch of drawings of the characters doing things, and a lengthy liner note story detailing the further adventures of Scambot and his odd cohorts.

I’m thrilled with this album, and extremely grateful for your patience in waiting for it.

There is also a second album, called Inkling, which was made at the same time as Scambot 2 – I’ll tell you more about that later.

For now, if you would be so kind, please help us out by taking our survey – we’ll be back soon with more information, and to announce when pre-orders shall commence.

You are all top-notch human beings who have our deepest gratitude.


On May 13 through 15 (this coming Friday through Sunday) I’ll be at Alvas Showroom in San Pedro, CA with Gregg Bendian and Doug Lunn. The primary focus of these gigs is improvisation, although there will be prepared material for us to work with. There will be recording going on; Gregg is going to take the recordings and see if he can make an album out of them. Please come and be a part of it if you can.

Ticket links are on the Alvas calendar here.


On May 27 I’ll be appearing at the Bolgen Kulturhus in Larvik, Norway. This will be a multifaceted event including an interview, a clinic and a live band performance with brilliant Norwegian musicians Rune Erling Pederson and Are Gogstad.

Here’s the ticket link for the Larvik, Norway event:


This is a real pleasure: I’ll be reuniting with Jaan Wessman and Schroeder for the first time since 2004 – we did a good amount of European touring as Mike Keneally and Friends back in the early ’00s, and it was always a fantastic time. Too many years have gone by since playing with them and I’m delighted to be returning to this trio for these special shows.

It’ll be an honor to share the stage with JJ Grey & Mofro, whose reputation for fierce and intense live performance is well-founded. We’ll be doing an hour-long set opening for JJ on this tour, with the exception of June 5 in Hamburg where we’ll be doing 45 minutes, because both we and JJ Grey will be opening for Tedeschi Trucks Band that night – that’s going to be an INSANE night of music.

Ticket links to the German tour are here.


After the JJ Grey tour, I’m going to do one more performance with Jaan and Schroeder, this one at the music shop Session Music in Walldorf. We’re the only band, so we’ll get to play as long as they’ll let us, and it’s going to be somewhat acoustically oriented – it’s a Session VIP event. A nice way to wind up the adventures of Mike Keneally and Friends for 2016!

Here’s the ticket link for this special night.


The Surfing to Shockwave Satriani North American tour that just ended was the most musically satisfying run of Satriani dates I’ve ever been involved with, and I’m glad we get to bring this show back to Europe this summer. Most of these dates will be Satriani headlining shows, but seven of them (in Italy and Germany) will be G3 gigs with Vai and The Aristocrats, and you know those will just be over-the-top ridiculous nights of music. Prepare yourselves for the madness and come join us please!

Satriani and G3 tickets are here.
Love to you all!

Diving into a moon shaped pool,