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Sluggo! remixed in Stereo & Surround on sale today!

Plus, the Mike Keneally Band tours in December!


My 1997 album Sluggo! has been out of print forever, but it’s finally coming back!

It’s now available in a variety of formats featuring a great deal of unreleased audio and video material, and featuring new 2013 stereo and surround mixes of the Sluggo! album.

I’ve always felt the album is really good, but I’ve had reservations about the mix forever. It’s a long story (told at length in the new liner notes in the reissue packaging), but the upshot is I’m finally completely happy with the sound of the album. Sixteen years after recording it, I finally feel like I’ve finished Sluggo!

Order today at The Mike Keneally Store. You’ll get the stereo download NOW, and your multi-disc Sluggo! package will ship in early December.

Sluggo! is available in four formats:
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