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Wow, right?

Thursday March 20 2020 5:00:39pm

Wow, right?

About a week ago I was on the road with Devin Townsend, and also in the midst of composing a big old essay for this website…a super long one, like an old-school Mike Types To You missive from the halcyon days of, full of solid info and tangential, irrelevant asides – and then the world had other plans for all of us, and made a whole lot of the stuff I was writing about REALLY irrelevant, especially regarding future gigs which can now best be described as “up in the air.”

So, I won’t burden you with all that. But boy, it was a great essay! (Actually I just re-read it and I’d describe it as pretty good. But everything looks different through March 20 eyes than it did through March 11 eyes, which was the night we called a halt to the Devin Townsend tour halfway through and all headed home as quickly as we could.)

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