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THE KENEALLIST: Get Wing Beat Elastic on Bandcamp Friday!

The Keneallist!

Jeez it’s almost September!

Hi, to all of you! Hi, additionally, specifically, to those of you who signed up for The Keneallist at the Dreamsonic tour merch table this summer – it’s extremely great of you to join us here.

Hi, also and finally, to everyone who’s been coming out to the ProgJect shows that have been happening in the US over the past few weeks. Man these shows have been fun. As was the ArcTanGent festival with Devin in the UK, which was, like, a week ago or something. I’ve been traveling like crazy and have utterly lost track of time and place.

All the shows have been great though, and as always I’m very grateful to be able to go to a bunch of places and play music for people – it’s a true privilege.



Listen, this Friday is BANDCAMP FRIDAY again, when the artiste (moi) gets 100% of the income!, and we’re adding a new title to our Bandcamp page. It’s WING BEAT ELASTIC – REMIXES, DEMOS AND UNHEARD MUSIC, an album of music related in various ways to the Wing Beat Fantastic album what I wrote with Andy Partridge.

WING BEAT ELASTIC is concocted from a variety of sources: demos that Andy and I made during the writing process (including a version of “Your House” where Andy and I trade off the lead vocal); additional music recorded during the WBF album sessions (including an eight-minute instrumental suite, heavily acoustic piano-focused, called “Wingbeat Fantasia,” which is really nice); and some special remixes, including a clutch of highly entertaining ones by Scott Chatfield and Mike Harris (aka The Glimmer Twins) which offer a highly creative, trippy and forensic examination of what exists on the multi-tracks of the parent album – I especially love the mash-up they did of “Land” and “That’s Why I Have No Name.”

I also did a pretty psychedelic deconstruction of “Bobeau,” executed in various hotel rooms while I was on the road with Satriani, which highlights the maddeningly fantastic drumming of Marco Minnemann. Rounding out the album is a beautiful remix of the title song from WBF by acclaimed Northampton-based producer Mark Vidler of Go Home Productions.

If you haven’t heard this release yet, please check it out! 



Marcelo Radulovich, a San Diego multi-instrumentalist who I’ve known for almost forty years and is one of the most creative and visionary artists I know, was an immensely important part of my Wooden Smoke album, creating many of the background environments that were so crucial to that music. Twenty-two years on, we’ve collaborated again on a new 24-minute instrumental collection called MONDAY. (This is the opening salvo of an ongoing collaboration, as we also have an album of songs with vocals in the works.)

It’s very hard to know how to describe MONDAY. At first we were thinking that it’s our ambient album, but that’s really not an accurate descriptor. We both play multiple instruments on it, and multiple moods are generated. You should really just listen to it. I love it. It also premieres as a new BANDCAMP FRIDAY release this very Friday.



I’m on a song called “Answer to the Ego” on the new Rafa Bonilla album. Rafa is a phenomenally talented guitarist and this collaboration was born in kind of an unusual way… I’m gonna let Rafa tell the story:

“It was January 8th 2019. I met Mike Keneally in Joe Satriani G4 guitar camp, and as his student, after the class time I requested for him to write a random kinky melody on my guitar, and after that, unusual chords to fit that. And that’s it. From the genius and his generosity he gave me a song on my guitar. After that I started to work on an arrangement for it with my dear friend Ethan Weissman, and after some suggestions from Ethan, the song was born. We submitted the song to Mike later asking for his approval, and why not a solo to finish it?”

“That process took a lot of time, but those pandemic times were strange and beautiful to make weird music, and this song is something I am very honored to help make. For me that moment was just amazing from a creative, human, and musical perspective. A highlight in my journey!”

I too am honored that my random scribble on Rafa’s guitar has been fleshed out by Rafa and Ethan into a substantial composition, with some amazing playing on it. I was humbled to contribute my solo. Please investigate the song, and Rafa’s entire, excellent album



The ProgJect US tour picks back up on Sep. 7 at Sweetwater in Ft. Wayne, IN, and continues until early October. There are more new dates being added even at this late date, so please continue to check our tour page for the latest info. Lots more ProgJect to come next year, including plans currently underway for Europe and Japan.

One Shot Deal

I’ll be a special guest with Joe Travers’ FZ unit One Shot Deal for three nights at the Baked Potato in LA, Oct. 25-27. I sat in with these folks at Alvas earlier this year and totally loved it, and this three-night run will be quite the celebration. Links to all the shows are on the Baked Potato calendar page.

Devin Townsend in Australia

And then, for my final live appearances of the year, I’ll be doing four gigs with Devin Townsend in Australia. This will be the end of this year’s Devin touring cycle, which has been such a fulfilling ride. Those of you reading this in Australia, please make it your business to get to one of these shows…this is a really special band and you should see us while you have the chance.

And then I’ll go home for the last six weeks of the year and just sit there and ruminate over the prior six months of incessant traveling and playing and think to myself “wow that just happened.”



Wing Beat Elastic

THE KENEALLIST: Scambot 2 & Inkling on Bandcamp Friday!

The Keneallist

Hi! I very much hope you’re well!

And now –


Scambot 2 & Inkling

This coming Friday is the first Bandcamp Friday for a few months, and we’ll be expanding our Bandcamp catalog with the addition of (tympani roll……..) the Scambot 2 and Inkling albums from 2016! Well I guess I already said that in the headline, so I probably didn’t need the tympani.

This will be the first time that the album Inkling has been available for streaming online anywhere ever ever! Both albums also include the usual exhaustive booklets and liner notes.

These titles will now join our old pals Scambot 1Songs & Stories Inspired by Scambot 1, and the Scambot Holiday Special in our Bandcamp inventory of exciting Scambot-oriented material.

As it happens, and if you’re feeling particularly Scambotty, I recently did a deep think-slash-talk about the entire Scambot saga with my bud Chris Siebold for his YouTube channel, and you can see it right dang here if you’ve a mind to.

As you may recall, Bandcamp Friday is the day when Bandcamp doesn’t take a percentage of income from downloads and all the proceeds go to artists/labels. We at Exowax Recordings appreciate Bandcamp doing this (and you for choosing to buy this Friday)!



The Dreamsonic 2023 tour of North America ended a few nights ago (I played in Devin Townsend’s band on this tour, we were the middle act between Animals As Leaders and Dream Theater).

It’s not easy to express what a powerful experience it was for me, both musically onstage every night and also as a member of a traveling community. It was heavy in unexpected ways and the bond that formed among all the bands and crews was strong. And it was just amazing fun. I want to express extreme gratitude to everyone who was a part of it, came to a show, or helped to make the whole thing happen.

(I had a mailing list at the merch table during Dreamsonic and as a result, this is the first Keneallist a number of you will have ever received. Welcome, and thank you for signing up!)

I got to spend two entire days at home and I loved those days a lot. Now I’m sitting on Joe Travers’ couch in LA and today was the first day of rehearsal (or at least the first one I was able to attend) of the new lineup of ProgJect, and I’m really thrilled to report that we’ve got something special to offer at these upcoming shows. We’re playing in the USA starting in a few days and stretching into October a ways.

New dates are being negotiated, but this here is the tour schedule as it currently sits, twirls its computer chair around and reaches for a Cheeto.

ProgJect for the upcoming tour consists of Jonathan Mover, Ryo Okumoto, Marc Bonilla and our new bassist, the most eminent and wonderful Ric Fierabracci. I showed up at rehearsal today expecting it to sound good, but man it went way beyond good, this band is sounding just ridiculous. Mover says things are looking good for us to make it to Europe in 2024, which is exciting news.

Meanwhile, I didn’t think it would be possible for me to be as jazzed as I am to be going immediately out on the road, after having just spent seven weeks touring, but the vibe of the band has filled me with a legitmate glee to get out and play this classic progressive music for people. Hope you can make it out, you US residents you!


If you have looken at the ProgJect tour itinerary of which I have just spaken, you’ll note a gap of some girth between Aug. 13 and 24. That gap exists because I have to leave the ProgJect tour for that moment, fly over to the UK, and play with Devin Townsend at the ArcTanGent Festival in Bristol.

Devin Townsend @ the ArcTanGent Festival

The festival takes place Aug. 16-19 at the idyllic Fernhill Farm; we’re headlining on Saturday the 19th. is very highly regarded (it’s won awards and is warmly spoken of by festival cognoscenti) and my senses are abuzz with anticipation to perform there. Look here’s the lineup, and all the other information you need is at that site too. 

When I’m done there I get on another plane and get back to the rest of the ProgJect dates in the US. I’m a ramblin’ guy!

And then in November we’ve got four Devin dates in Australia. Been a number of years since my last visit to Australia (I was with Satriani at that time) and I’ve loved it there since first visiting it with Steve Vai in the ‘90s. Here are ticket links for the Australian dates as well as ArcTanGent.


Quickly now, because I need to sleep!:

1 There was a good piece with me in the June 2023 issue of Vintage Guitar magazine.

Vintage Guitar magazine

At this page there’s a short video of me playing some of “Celery” to promote the article, and this here’s a link to a pdf of the article.

2   I played on Steve McAllister’s beautiful new album I Hope You Are Okay. Here is a wonderful review of it, and here is where to get it. Dave Gregory plays on it too and it is marvelous, intelligent pop music.

3 I played on Mats Oberg’s stunning new release Visa från Inneröra. I appear on his delightful composition “Dream Loops.” Mats’ genius is of course on full display and his writing and playing is just as awe-inspiring as ever. It’s a privilege to be on his new album, which you can sure find here

4  Jeez, speaking of privileges: Anthony Garone asked me if I would join him in interviewing Derek Shulman, Kerry Minnear, Gary Green and John Weathers of Gentle Giant, on the occasion of the release of Steven Wilson’s remix of the glorious Interview album. There really aren’t words to capture how eagerly I accepted that invitation.

Gentle Giant

What a true honor, and what a truly spectacular band to whom I’ll always be grateful, and you can watch our discussion here.

5  The immensely charming Hammond Chamberlain has interviewed me once again for his excellent Beyond the Playlist podcast.

6  Listen to this podcast also! It’s an interview I did alongside the legendary Art Tripp while at 2022’s Zappanale, supplemented by a lot of really good music.

7  I did an interview with the boxing website The Ringside Report! I’ve never boxed but they must know that I’m a boxer at heart. Read the interview, during which we discuss nothing about boxing, here. It’s actually a really good little interview, I dug the questions.

8  And final! A review of The Thing That Knowledge Can’t Eat from good Pete Pardo at Sea of Tranquility.

The Thing That Knowledge Can’t Eat 


Actually, first I’m gonna post a couple of phone videos I took during the Dreamsonic tour to my Patreon page, and THEN to bed. Either way, good night!


Scambot 2 & Inkling
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